Eagles’ star responds to 49ers’ excuses in blunt response after Deebo Samuel’s unapologetic take

The seasons of both the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles have been marked by noteworthy performances, with the Eagles boasting an impressive 10-1 record and the 49ers holding an 8-3 record. While the Eagles’ sole setback occurred against the New York Jets, the 49ers faced a brief period of struggle with a losing streak.

As the 10-1 Eagles prepare to take on the 8-3 49ers in their upcoming clash, the tension between the players is palpable. This animosity traces back to the events of last season’s NFC Championship, adding excitement to their impending showdown and 49ers Deebo Samuel didn’t hold back.

Deebo Samuel sticks to his guns on the Eagles’ star

The Philadelphia Eagles clinched a resounding victory against the San Francisco 49ers during the NFC Championship Game in January. With the win, they secured their ticket to Super Bowl LVII with a commanding 31-7 triumph.

Nonetheless, the result of the game revealed a bitter twist as 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel unabashedly declared the Eagles his “most hated team.”

During the offseason, Samuel directed sharp criticism towards Eagles cornerback James Bradberry, branding him as “trash” during a candid appearance on the show “I AM ATHLETE.” 

Samuel still harbors the same level of disgust for the Eagles team. The 49ers player stood firm in his stance when addressing reporters on Friday, emphasizing, “I don’t regret nothing I say.”

Prior to that, this animosity toward the Eagles reached new heights when Samuel took to Twitter to express his disdain. A pivotal moment unfolded during the Eagles’ Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, as Bradberry incurred a crucial holding penalty. Samuel, seizing the opportunity, aired his grievances publicly, per Niners Wire.

Eagles’ star takes on 49ers’ claims in blunt response

The Philadelphia teams win had unfolded amidst a backdrop of injuries for the 49ers, with quarterback Brock Purdy, a player renowned for his simple lifestyle, and cost-effective contract, sidelined. It left the team struggling to move the football effectively.

Post-game, some 49ers players, including receiver Deebo Samuel, attributed the loss to the substantial number of injuries faced by their team back then.

“We lost because we played with 10 people. I ain’t going to keep going on about what could’ve happened and what would’ve happened but yeah, it would’ve definitely been a different outcome (if healthy).”

Haason Reddick of the Philadelphia Eagles dismisses these claims as mere excuses, bluntly labeling them as “cheap.” Reddick, in a recent interview with radio station KYW’s Dave Uram, expressed his frustration with what he perceives as the 49ers’ tendency to attribute their performance to injuries.

Reddick asserted that talk is insignificant without action, claiming that the 49ers have the opportunity to return to Lincoln Financial Field and prove themselves once again.

Mocking what he characterizes as “boo hoos” and “crying” from the 49ers fans after their previous defeat, Reddick challenged them to face the Eagles head-on and demonstrate their capabilities on the field. 

“Talk is cheap. They get to come back in the Linc. It was a lot of boo boos last year, a lot of crying, a lot of what if, a lot of this, a lot of that. They get a chance to come back in here, line that s— up and prove it again”, he said.

Which team do you think can capitalize on their legacy over the other in this heated game?

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