Eagles want QB Jalen Hurts ‘to not isolate’ himself from the team following 3-match losing streak

The soaring Philadelphia Eagles kicked off the season impressively with a 10-1 start, appearing destined to secure the top seed in the NFC once again. Nevertheless, their wings seemed clipped after Week 12, facing a series of defeats despite having a powerhouse player like Jalen Hurts.

This unforeseen struggle was particularly surprising for the Eagles, considering their significant investment of $250 million in Hurts as their long-term quarterback solution. Despite the team’s apparent confidence in their starter, recent reports indicate a heightened expectation for more from their franchise quarterback.

Eagles demand more leadership qualities from Jalen Hurts

Though Jalen Hurts has displayed accountability and conveyed all the right sentiments, a recent report by Jeff McLane of The Philadelphia Inquirer suggests that the team desires a change in how he influences the locker room.

According to McLane’s report, the Eagles, despite acknowledging Hurts’ tangible qualities as an elite quarterback, encompassing both passing and running abilities and a commendable work ethic, are seeking a shift in his approach within the locker room.

“Clearly, Hurts has so many of the intangibles to be an elite quarterback: passing and running abilities, a genuine work ethic, and a willingness to do everything it takes to be the best. But team sources said the Eagles want their franchise quarterback to open himself up a little more in the locker room,” McLane outlined in his report.

While players on the team appreciate and respect Hurts, the Eagles appear to be focusing on the importance of a more open and outward leadership style from their franchise quarterback. 

The team’s concern seems not to extend to Hurts’ off-field demeanor, as they want him to remain authentic to himself. Nevertheless, there is a perceived need for him to engage more with his teammates, especially when a more vocal and outward leadership style is deemed necessary, particularly in challenging times.

“Players like and respect Hurts. The team doesn’t have to worry about him off the field. The Eagles want him to be authentic to himself, but they also need him to not isolate himself as much when a more outward leadership style is necessary, especially when the going gets tough.”

As the Eagles are on their way to the final stretch of the season, the “tush push” leader’s performance both on and off the field becomes pivotal. After 15 games this season, Hurts has recorded 3,335 yards, 19 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.

Eagles currently on a 3-match losing streak

As the Philadelphia Eagles soared high atop the standings earlier in the season, their victories masked apparent weaknesses and concerns. Now, with a three-game losing streak casting shadows over their once-promising campaign, leaks of internal challenges have surfaced at a time that raises suspicions.

The nightmare commenced in Week 13 against the San Francisco 49ers when the Eagles faced a decisive setback, succumbing to a blowout 19-42 loss. The following week hopes for a rebound were shattered by the Dallas Cowboys, who dominated with a resounding 13-33 victory.

Amid concerns about Jalen Hurts’ health, the losing streak persisted as the Seattle Seahawks, led by the athleticism of Drew Lock, handed the Eagles their third consecutive loss with a close 20-17 score. Following the game, Lock shared an emotional message for his team’s impressive win.

The offensive struggles were further compounded by a defense that failed to meet standards, allowing 109 points over the previous three games. As the Eagles gear up to face the New York Giants, the pressure intensifies, with quarterback Tommy DeVito issuing a stern warning to brace for a “hostile” welcome from Philly fans and emphasizing the need to continue their winning streak.

The looming question now is whether Jalen Hurts and the Eagles can halt their losing streak against the Giants.

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