F1’s US expansion plan sparks fan backlash despite Lando Norris optimism: “Doesn’t need another street circuit”

Lando Norris’s interviews are getting quite popular during the winter break; after all, he is a celebrated driver for McLaren and Formula 1. Lando Norris may not have won a race in Formula 1 yet but he definitely won the hearts of many fans and gained a lot of followers during his time at McLaren.

Lando Norris has surfaced yet again, this time while talking about potential race venues and the addition of new races to the Formula 1 calendar. Formula 1 has been facing a huge backlash ever since the Las Vegas GP but the fans are distressed over their future plans.

Lando Norris fuels excitement for potential New York GP

There has been a surge of dissatisfaction among fans after the inclusion of three races in the USA this year. Supposedly, fans do not like the idea of more races in America, while many of the popular F1 tracks are being opted out of the long F1 seasons that the FIA has planned. The Vegas GP in particular was the center of all drama due to its pricing and the way it disturbed normal citizens, alongside other discomfortable events leading up to it.

While Lando Norris didn’t really like the portrayal of drivers in Las Vegas, he was rather optimistic about another race in America. When asked about his choice for a 4th American circuit in the F1 calendar, Lando Norris immediately uttered the name of New York.

Lando’s choice seemed to impress Oscar Piastri as well and he agreed with Lando’s idea of New York, calling it a very good choice. Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris’s agreement over a New York GP might be an exciting call for the viewers of the sport who aren’t satisfied with the current scenario.

F1 fans slam hypothetical New York GP

Formula 1 fans brutally disregarded Lando Norris’s suggestions and went on to slam the FIA before the idea of a New York GP could take root in the sport. Arguably, the fans had the worst experience in terms of management with the Las Vegas GP and they weren’t even allowed to enjoy the first Free Practice sessions of the race.

One of the fans called out FIA, expressing his disapproval of the venue, saying, “No, F1 doesn’t need another street circuit. Especially in Central Park!”

Another user had a profane message to the organizers for more races in America: “For f**** sakes. FIA How many races are ya’ll going to send to that flag?”

Lando Norris
A potential race venue via Reddit

Some users even suggested the possibility of South Africa as a potential race venue and noted that Lewis Hamilton too is involved in a similar movement for the African race scenario.

What are your opinions regarding the New York GP? Do you think Formula 1 venues are going overboard? Tell us in the comments.


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