‘Delulu’ Zak Brown shares his ‘big concerns’ regarding Red Bull, AlphaTauri alliance

Zak Brown is the mastermind behind the operations of McLaren and he does a pretty good job while he’s at it. Brown’s team was able to make a stupendous breakthrough this year and he would be very pleased with how things are going so far in anticipation of 2024.

McLarens posed a serious challenge to the Bulls this year, yet it is the sister team of Red Bull Racing that has concerned Zak Brown. After admitting the fact that he had a difficult time letting Daniel exit McLaren, is Zak worried that Daniel may outperform them next year with the help of the incredibly fast Red Bulls?

Zak Brown raises the alarm over Red Bull, AlphaTauri partnership

It is a widely known fact that AlphaTauri—soon to be renamed Racing Bulls—are the Red Bulls sister team and share components amongst themselves. A large part of Red Bull’s decisions also affect AlphaTauri but their dependence on the winning team is becoming a matter of concern for the rest of the grid.

Many teams have spoken against a possible Red Bull and AlphaTauri partnership, and have tried to goad FIA into taking the matter into their own hands and abolishing any illegal practices. Even Zak Brown is suspicious of the sudden burst of progress in AlphaTauri late season as he voiced his worries about the ‘independence of teams in F1’.

Zak Brown
Brown is suspicious of Red Bull via PlanetF1

“We know we’ve outperformed the others in the development race, and we know we’ve closed the gap to Red Bull but what none of us know is: did Red Bull stop, and we just caught up, or were they still developing?

“Also, we have some big concerns over the alliance between AlphaTauri and Red Bull. I think that is something that needs to be addressed in the future. So, I still think the sport has a way to go to make sure that everyone is truly independent.”

Christian Horner has denied any possible sharing of resources other than what is mandated and allowed by FIA, but, the real truth may not be what we are allowed to see right now.

Zak Brown
Brown wants fair competition in Formula 1 via Sportskeeda

Zak Brown gets called ‘delulu’ by Lando Norris

Zak Brown and Lando Norris share a fun relationship, given the years the Briton has spent at McLaren. Norris can be seen pranking or teasing Brown many times in his videos or at McLaren’s factory.

Zak Brown
Brown is ‘delulu’ via Sky Sports

Lando was undergoing an interview, in which he had to guess the commonly used slangs by the newer generation and he was absolutely ‘slaying’ it. At one point, the reporter asked if Lando knew the meaning of ‘delulu’ and he immediately replied saying it means to be crazy. The reporter cited a statement from Zak Brown, claiming he was better at golfing than Lando.

Lando said that Brown was ‘delulu’ and there’s no way Brown would be better than Lando at golf. Lando is known for his witty remarks and quick replies, but the driver is serious about his future in Formula 1.

Do you think Lando will get a win next year? Or will he agree to Martin Brundle’s advice? Tell us what you think in the comments section.


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