What 30-year drought is Lewis Hamilton determined to end before F1 retirement?

Lewis Hamilton has destroyed and created many records throughout his F1 career. He has won seven driver’s titles, and it seems like there’s nothing else left for him to conquer in Formula 1 anymore. In spite of that, Lewis continues to be a driving force in the sport and is as competitive as ever with Mercedes.

Besides racing, the Formula 1 star has many other endeavors that he currently pursues. Some of them include owning an NFL team and brewing his own non-alcoholic tequila. However, there still seems to be a silver lining in Lewis’s dreams and its not an eighth championship but something that connects all of Formula 1 together.

Hamilton’s bold pledge to bring F1 back to Africa

Africa may not be a common name in Formula 1, but the South African GP and Kyalami circuit are something every Formula 1 fan from the 90s knows about. There have been no races in Africa since they last hosted a Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1993. There were many calls for bringing the old venue back and with the expansion of the Formula 1 calendar, people were hopeful that even Kyalami might make a return in Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton makes a big vow via FirstSportz

To the surprise of fans, they found unexpected support in the form of Lewis Hamilton, who revealed his pledge to race in Africa before retiring. “I’m working in the background to get South Africa on the race. That’s like such a dream for me, I’ve got to stay until they get that race.”

Lewis Hamilton
Last race in Kyalami via Getty

There were talks among FIA officials and race organizers but according to Stephano Domenicalli, there was no potential race run on their schedule yet. He even hinted at different tracks in the African sub-continent and after their first negotiations with Kyalami, he wants Africa to host a Formula 1 race, even if it is not in the earlier venue.

Lewis Hamilton unveils diverse post-F1 ventures

Lewis Hamilton already has a multi-business portfolio to keep him busy post-retirement. However, the ex-champ clearly isn’t satisfied with his current investments yet. His current ventures have been fairly successful but there’s something else that interests Lewis Hamilton after finally leaving Formula 1.

Lewis already has a fashion brand, which he owns, but the Mercedes ace showed further interest in developing sportswear.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis’s own fashion brand via WTF1

“I have a lot going on,” he said. “Designing clothes, producing movies and documentaries. I have my non-alcoholic tequila, I have Neat Burger that I’m helping push and grow. I’ve got Plus 44, which I’m working on to improve. I’ve got a sportswear brand that I’m starting. I’ve Mission 44, which has taken a lot of work.”

Lewis Hamilton is pretty confident in his abilities to handle the pressure and he is more than satisfied with his current physical and racing abilities. Lewis might’ve already lost a potential movie fan, but are you still interested in his Hollywood adventure? Tell us what you think in the comments section.


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