Fans react to Kyle Lowry’s $2.8 million signature with Sixers: “needle didn’t move”

The Charlotte Hornets veteran guard Kyle Lowry is on the move again. It was recently revealed that Lowry will be joining the team of the city of brotherly love, the Philadelphia 76ers. It is an unexpected move and the fans expressed their reactions to it online.

Lowry has been an underutilized player at the Hornets. They have dedicated their time to building a team around their star LaMelo Ball who recently opened up and talked about his mental health.

Kyle Lowry joins Sixers

It was reported that the Hornets player Kyle Lowry has decided to join the Philadelphia 76ers. He will be buying out his contract with the Hornets and will come to play for his hometown team. Although the move was unexpected, it was not surprising. It was evident that the Hornets were a temporary home for Lowry, and he would have left sooner or later.

The relationship between the Hornets and Lowry wasn’t on the best terms, and this outcome would have occurred either now or later. Lowry is 37 years old now and doesn’t have much time left as a player. Moving to an established team from a rebuilding one was the best decision for him. His chances of winning the championship with the 76ers are much higher than his chances with the Hornets. Additionally, Lowry is from Philadelphia, and this move was awaited for him.

Kyle Lowry
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Fans react to Lowry’s Sixers switch

The news of Lowry transferring to Philadelphia was revealed by ESPN’s senior NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski on social media. The fans were quick to react to the news and share their opinions in the comments section. One fan commented, “Needle didn’t move,” highlighting the fact that the 76ers didn’t benefit from the move at all.

Another fan commented, “Lowry is 37 and washed up,” pointing out the age of the veteran guard and relating it with being ineffective.

The 76ers have not been in the greatest situation lately, especially after their ace Joel Embiid was ruled out with an injury. They have been struggling to adjust without their dominant center and lack their offensive capabilities. It would be interesting to see if Kyle Lowry would be able to make a difference to the current situation of the 76ers.

What do you think of Kyle Lowry moving to the Philadelphia 76ers? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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