Tom Brady reminisces over throwing Lombardi Trophy during Bucs boat parade in three words

Amidst speculations that Tom Brady’s illustrious career might end after his six Super Bowl victories with the New England Patriots, he defied expectations by securing another Lombardi Trophy with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady’s enduring presence and impact on the football field are merely glimpses of the distinctive training regimen he has maintained throughout his career. 

As Patrick Mahomes now is facing the daunting task of surpassing Brady’s legacy, the seasoned quarterback garners attention by revisiting memories of his last Super Bowl journey.

Tom Brady’s 3-word message on Buccaneers’ 3rd-year SB win anniversary

Three years have passed since Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrated their Super Bowl LV victory in style with a boat parade through the waters of Tampa Bay. The iconic celebration, which saw Brady and his teammates cruising on boats, has remained etched in the memories of fans. To mark the anniversary of this memorable event, Brady took to Instagram to share a brief message with his followers.

In his Instagram post, Brady reminisced about the boat parade by sharing the message, “Boat Parades,” accompanied by a throwback photo from the celebration. The post serves as a reminder of the joy and excitement that filled the air as the Buccaneers celebrated their historic win.

The Buccaneers’ official Instagram account also joined in on the reminiscing, sharing Brady’s post and adding their own commentary. Reflecting on the parade three years ago, they emphasized that Tampa Bay knows how to do parades like no other. 

The post serves as a tribute to the team’s unforgettable victory and the enduring legacy of their championship celebration.

Brady’s time with the Buccaneers may have been relatively short, but it was certainly impactful. In just one year with the team, Brady led the Buccaneers to victory in Super Bowl LV, securing his seventh Super Bowl title and adding to Tampa Bay’s rich football history. 

 Tom Brady discussed his drunken behavior at the parade

The Buccaneers’ boat parade to celebrate their Super Bowl victory took an unexpected turn when Tom Brady decided to reveal some unconventional trophy-handling skills. In a viral moment, the 46-year-old tossed the Lombardi Trophy from his boat to another, where it was caught by then-Bucs tight end Cameron Brate.

The video of Brady’s daring trophy toss quickly went viral, prompting the quarterback to share insights into the impromptu celebration on his “Let’s Go” podcast. He acknowledged that, had he been sober, he might not have taken the risk, recognizing the perilous scenario of the trophy plummeting into the bay.

“I was definitely inebriated because had I not been, I don’t think I would have taken the chance and realizing that that thing would have fell like 90 feet to the bottom of the bay. That would have been a disaster for me,” he said, per Sportskeeda.

Meanwhile, Brady expressed gratitude towards Brate for successfully catching the Lombardi Trophy, thinking of the potential for disaster if the trophy had fallen in the water.

“If I look back and that literally, the edge of that trophy could have clipped somebody which would have been another disaster. Huddie and Cam caught it. And thank God I mean, it’s like when you swung and hit the trophy with a ball.”

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