Fans roast Jaylen Brown following Hansel Emmanuel’s reported NBA draft declaration

Celtics star Jaylen Brown recently experienced the negative side of the internet when fans called him out and ridiculed him. He was compared to a particular basketball player and subjected to dark social media jokes.

Despite being a consistent pillar of strength for the Boston Celtics, Brown has a significant flaw in his game that becomes a topic of debate whenever his name is mentioned. Netizens exploited this specific flaw online to troll him.

Fans call out Jaylen Brown after Hansel Emmanuel’s reported draft entry

It was recently announced that Hansel Emmanuel, a specially-abled player, will be declared for the 2024 NBA draft. The news was revealed by a parody account of Adrian Wojnarowski, a senior NBA insider at ESPN on X (formerly Twitter). The announcement was not true and was meant as a satirical joke on the league. However, the fans also jumped on the bandwagon and started trolling Jaylen Brown.

Brown, who recently lashed out at a referee following his ejection from the game, was already being criticized for his behavior. However, fans exacerbated the situation with their jokes. Hansel, a specially-abled player who lost his left arm in an accident, became the target of fans using this opportunity to mock Jaylen Brown’s weak dribbling skills with his left hand.

One fan teased Brown by suggesting he had competition, highlighting his subpar left-handed dribbling skills. Another fan made a joke, proposing that Hansel Emmanuel and Jaylen Brown should participate in the skills challenge next year.

Jaylen Brown’s struggle with left hand

Jaylen Brown has been a great player, especially alongside the Celtic’s ace Jayson Tatum. Both of them are the two main offensive pillars of the Celtics and are responsible for their great performance this season. However, Brown has been criticized for his dribbling skills with his left hand. People have even considering it as a liability for the Celtics and Brown.

Jaylen Brown
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The best example of his weakness would be the 2023 playoffs where Brown gave away 8 turnovers in game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals, and most of which came from using his left hand. People speculate that the reason for Brown’s weak left hand is the lingering effects of a laceration that he suffered earlier in his career. Only time and Jaylen’s future performance will tell us if it gets better or not.

What do you think of the comments made by the fans ridiculing Jaylen Brown? Do you think Brown has a weak left hand? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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