Former NFL star Marcus Spears rips at Cowboys inactivity during offseason: “Nothing is happening”

The Dallas Cowboys saw another disappointing end to their postseason hopes in the 2023 season, despite a strong regular-season performance. The team faced mounting pressure to break their playoff curse after multiple consecutive early exits.

However, the offseason brought little change, leaving fans questioning the Cowboys commitment to addressing crucial areas of improvement. It prompted criticism from former NFL star Marcus Spear, especially regarding the uncertainty regarding quarterback Dak Prescott’s contract.

Marcus Spears goes on furious rant at Cowboys

Marcus Spears recently unleashed a scathing critique of his former team’s offseason moves, or lack thereof. With key players like Tony Pollard and Tyron Smith departing, Spears expressed frustration at the Cowboys’ inactivity in bolstering their roster.

Despite acquiring linebacker Eric Kendricks, Spears argued that the team failed to address other glaring needs.

“I’m not going to shade Eric Kendrick’s move. They needed a linebacker. They got a linebacker, but they got nobody else okay. What Dallas Cowboys are doing and ain’t nothing been all in about this offseason outside of me riding past the store and go work out at Cowboy fit up there because I got a discount because I am a former Cowboy…nothing is happening there… nothing but a bunch of people enjoying the store up there in Frisco,” Spears said.

The veteran particularly highlighted the unresolved contract situation of star Dak Prescott as a potential issue that could overshadow the upcoming season. While there is speculation about a possible extension for Prescott, the overall uncertainty surrounding the team’s direction has left many fans and analysts unsettled.

Spears’ fiery rant mirrored the sentiments of disillusioned fans, who have grown increasingly vocal about the team’s lackluster offseason performance. Even the team’s Executive Vice President Stephen Jones acknowledged the frustration and criticism from fans.

Latest update on Cowboys QB Dak Prescott contract situation

The Cowboys have yet to make any headway in Dak Prescott’s contract negotiations, despite a hefty $55 million cap hit. This standstill has significantly hindered the team’s ability to fortify its roster. However, recent developments suggest that this impasse may be part of a calculated strategy by the team.

Team owner Jerry Jones indicated during NFL owner meetings that the Cowboys are prepared to move forward with their current roster, per It implies that they are content with Prescott playing out the final year of his contract. This stance diverges from Prescott’s optimism earlier in the year, where he expressed confidence in reaching a new deal with Dallas before the 2024 season.

Dak Prescott
via Dallas Morning News

Jones’ remarks shed light on the financial constraints facing the Cowboys, hinting at the possibility of having to make do with limited resources in the near future. Prescott’s existing contract is a four-year, $160 million deal, that is complete with no-trade and no-tag clauses. It leaves the team in a precarious position as the quarterback edges closer to free agency in 2025.

Should an extension fail to materialize, the signal-caller would still carry a significant cap hit of over $40 million in the 2025 season. Now, it remains to be seen what Jones will do to tackle the situation.


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