Joel Embiid flaunts WWE icon Triple H’s gift in 76ers vs OKC post-game presser

Joel Embiid has finally returned to the floor after a lengthy absence. With the post-season fast-approaching, the long-awaited return was a huge boost for the Philadelphia-based franchise. Speaking of the City of Brotherly Love, WrestleMania 40 is just a few nights away as the city is gripped with WWE fever.

Joel Embiid, who is known for his love of sports entertainment, also joined in the WWE hysteria. After the game against the OKC on Tuesday night, the number 21 for the Sixers channeled his inner wrestling geek as he showed off a special gift from Triple H, while discussing his recent setback.

Joel Embiid talks on injury recovery in DX shirt

During a postgame interview, Joel Embiid was spotted donning a DX shirt sent by Triple H, knowing the love he has for WWE and troubles that followed for showing the love. The Sixers’ star wore the shirt backwards on purpose to display the NSFW words printed on the front.

While speaking to the reporters the obvious topic about his injury came up which made him lose a chunk of games and end his dreams of winning the MVP title for the second time in a row, thanks to NBA’s 65-game rule. “This one took a toll mentally,” revealed the 7-footer. Embiid had a hard time dealing with his injury especially as it made him go through a depressive state of mind.

Embiid received the meniscus injury while playing against the Golden State Warriors in late January when Warriors’ Jonathan Kuminga fell on his knee. Philadelphia’s big man went through surgery followed by rehabilitation but his incapability of returning to the hardwood made things worse. “I just wanted to come back. I’m only going to get better, but this one has been the hardest by far, especially mentally,” said the 7-time All-Star.

Although he thoroughly enjoyed some family time in the nine weeks which helped in dealing with his depressive state of mind, the joy of coming back to the league is indescribable.

Joel Embiid’s performance vs OKC

Joel Embiid was the center of attention on Tuesday night in the Philadelphia 76ers versus Oklahoma Thunder game. Besides putting up impressive numbers on the scoreboard, the Cameroonian center boosted the squad with his presence and led the franchise to a 109-105 victory.

Embiid cleared the doubts about his fitness in 29 minutes by scoring 24 points, dishing out 7 assists, grabbing 6 rebounds and 3 steals while showing off his shooting skills from the free-throw line in the final minutes of the game. With 7:27 remaining on the clock, Kelly Oubre Jr.’s 3-pointer and Embiid’s four shots from free throws brought the Sixers back on track from trailing behind the Thunder.

The Philadelphia franchise is hanging on the 8th spot of the Eastern table with 41-35 keeping their hopes alive for the post-season tournament. However, with the victorious comeback of their superstar, they could climb up the Conference ladder in the limited time left in the regular season.

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