Giants QB Tommy DeVito resolves fee dispute with surprise appearance at New Jersey restaurant

The New York Giants started the 2023 NFL season with a blowout 0-40 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, and this losing streak continued throughout the season until Tommy DeVito got the chance to lead them. Keeping aside the recent 6-24 loss against the New Orleans Saints, the team has secured three consecutive victories in the last few weeks.

With a 5-9 record, the hope of a playoff run seems unlikely for the Giants. However, the way DeVito has pushed his squad in the last few weeks is really laudable. The on-field performance of the quarterback also gained huge popularity. However, the rise of his popularity also came with a setback for him due to a dispute over his appearance at a local restaurant, albeit he himself solved the hassle.

DeVito’s appears at restaurant for free amidst fee controversy

Tommy DeVito made his long-awaited appearance at Coniglio’s Old Fashioned in New Jersey. The QB’s appearance at the restaurant, which was originally scheduled for Tuesday, raised eyebrows as the pizza joint canceled the event days ago due to a sudden surge in his fees.

After showing up at Coniglio’s Old Fashioned, the signal-caller chatted with restaurant staff and also ate pizza while at the restaurant. He was also seen making old-fashioned sodas with Nino Coniglio, the proprietor of Coniglio’s.

DeVito’s scheduled visit, an event steeped in excitement and anticipation, fell into jeopardy following the Giants’ win over the Green Bay Packers on December 11. As revealed by Darren Rovell, the young star’s appearance fee unexpectedly skyrocketed from a manageable $10,000 to an astonishing $20,000, which rendered the original arrangement unfeasible.

Nino expressed disappointment over the unforeseen turn of events. Discussions with DeVito’s agent, Sean Stellato, had initially culminated in a verbal agreement for a two-hour appearance, 250 autographs, and a fee of $10,000. However, communication faltered, and hopes for the event dimmed.

“We agreed in principle to terms — 2 hours, 250 autographs and $10,000 and then the agent couldn’t be reached. He reached back out after Monday’s game to tell us the price was now $20,000″, Coniglio said per Fox Sports.

Nevertheless, Sean later defended his side, saying, “It’s a shame that the restaurant promoted that they would have Tommy when we didn’t have a signed contract. We didn’t raise the price because nothing was ever agreed to.”

Despite the escalated demands from his agent, the signal-caller chose to honor the commitment made, not to a contractual obligation, but to the fans and the spirit of the occasion. Reports emerged, courtesy of Darren Rovell, shedding light on the QB’s remarkable gesture as he graced the event without expecting a fee.

Tommy DeVito opts for marketing to capitalize on growing fame

Tommy DeVito earlier stepped into the limelight during his initial appearance in October, substituting for Tyrod Taylor. However, his defining moment arrived when he took over as the QB1 for the struggling Giants, replacing Daniel Jones who suffered a season-ending ACL tear.

The signal-caller quickly moonlighted as a hero in the squad by securing an upset victory against the Packers on Monday night. He completed 17 of 21 passes for 158 yards and an impressive 71 rushing yards in the match. The QB’s leadership shone through in a game-winning drive, securing the Giants’ third consecutive win under his stewardship while propelling them to a 3-1 record in games he started.

Tommy DeVito

Beyond his on-field success, DeVito sought to capitalize on his newfound popularity. Meeting with Mark Lepselter, the president of Maxx MGMT, he marked the commencement of a collaborative effort to bolster his off-field presence. This alliance was formalized through the filing of his MRN (Marketing Representation Notice) with the NFL Players Association, with Stellato retaining representation for the Giants star’s football-related contracts.

Discussing the QB’s potential, Lepselter expressed optimism about his future, especially mentioning DeVito’s ability to maintain ball security and progress on the field.

“I truly believe if Tommy continues to protect the football and play well for the Giants and can continue to build on what he’s doing and continue to progress on the field he has an opportunity to hopefully be a pillar, whether he’s the backup or QB1.”

Lepselter thinks being situated in the New York market, Tommy DeVito’s local ties as a New Jersey native enhanced his marketability. He also lauded the young signal-caller’s cool personality saying, “He’s a great kid, there’s a lot of depth. I think fans will continue to be excited.’’

Mark Lepselter’s family background in sports representation might add depth to DeVito’s marketing ventures. Lepselter, the president and founder of Maxx Sports and Entertainment Group, carved a path in the industry, especially by representing Giants legend Tiki Barber, who transitioned from the football field to a prominent media career.


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