Ex-WWE star can’t wait to work with former AEW champ Jade Cargill: “Fresh talent is always cool.”

Jade Cargill made her first appearance in the WWE Universe during the pre-show program of the WWE Fastlane 2023 event. She was seen arriving at the arena, where she was greeted by WWE’s COO, Triple H.

The former AEW superstar has made brief appearances on all three WWE brands, teasing which brand she will join. However, despite Cargill not yet having her first match in the squared circle of WWE, many WWE superstars are excited to work with her.

Tyson Kidd is excited to work with Jade Cargill

WWE legend TJ Wilson, formerly known as Tyson Kidd, recently appeared on an episode of the “Counted Out” podcast. During the interview, he discussed several topics, including his desire to collaborate with talents such as Kazuchika Okada and Deonna Purrazzo. However, he also expressed his excitement to work with Jade Cargill.

“Someone I’m very much looking forward to working with is Jade [Cargill]. I’ve never worked with her. I’ve met her but never worked with her, and it would be interesting. I know some moves she makes, but I don’t know her yet. I don’t know her as a wrestler yet. I will, because that’s one of my abilities. I’m good at identifying who that person is trying to come across in the ring and helping translate that. Fresh talent is always cool because it’s always different,” said Tyson Kidd.

When will Jade Cargill make her WWE debut?

On September 26, 2023, WWE made an official announcement that they had signed Jade Cargill. As the year 2023 comes to a close, fans are eagerly waiting to see Cargill on WWE TV. They are also curious about which brand she might be assigned to. Jade is a promising talent in the professional wrestling industry and has garnered a lot of attention due to her impressive physique, captivating personality, and her previous championship win in AEW.

Cargill had an impressive 508-day reign as a TBS Champion in AEW. During this time, she also maintained an undefeated streak with over 60 consecutive wins. Since joining WWE, Cargill has been consistently featured on major television shows such as Raw, Smackdown, and NXT. She has had backstage interactions with top wrestlers like Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch and has also been seen attending NXT matches.

During an interview with “The Dallas Morning News” a few weeks ago, Jade Cargill advised fans to remain patient and wait for her debut. She promised that WWE is working on a valuable storyline for her that is comparable to a precious diamond.

“So, you want me to reveal what we have in the works? It seems like [laughs]. So, listen, I think the fan base should be patient. I think they need to understand we’re making a diamond. We’re creating something that’s going to be a legacy. We’re creating something that will create echoes and waves throughout not just wrestling culture but pop culture and beyond. They’re setting me up for success; you shouldn’t rush success,” said Jade Cargill.

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