How many CFP championships has Michigan football won?

The Michigan football team’s victory over Alabama propelled them closer to their championship aspirations, eliciting enthusiastic reactions, even from former player Tom Brady. As the NFL season finale looms, college football is also hurtling towards its conclusion, culminating in the CFP Championship showdown between Michigan football and the Washington Huskies, marking the Huskies’ inaugural appearance in the CFP championship.

Ahead of this anticipated clash, it’s worth delving into the count of CFP championships secured by Michigan, offering fans a poignant reminder of the team’s legacy and accomplishments in the prestigious championship series.

How many national championships has Michigan football won?

While the storied history of Michigan football is adorned with triumphs and championships, the tale of national titles carries a unique story. Technically, the Wolverines have never won a national championship game, but the debate surrounding the count lingers, creating a divergence between the team’s claims and the official NCAA record, per USA Today.

Michigan boldly asserts that it has won 11 national championship games, a testament to the program’s historical significance and success on the field. However, the NCAA, the ultimate arbiter in collegiate sports, recognizes Michigan’s national championships differently. According to official NCAA records, the Wolverines have secured nine national championships in the years 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1918, 1923, 1933, 1948, and the most recent one in 1997.

This dichotomy in the count positions Michigan’s championship tally among the elite in college football. According to the NCAA’s perspective, Michigan’s nine national championships place them in a tie for the sixth-most in the NCAA, sharing the spot with Southern California. This ranking takes into account the team’s extensive history since they began play in 1879.

The majority of Michigan’s national championships were clinched in the early years, predating 1997, with only two secured in the poll era. Nevertheless, one key factor contributing to the difference in counting is the development of rules and regulations. 

The BCS brought about a structured approach to determining national champions through designated championship games. Before this era, national championships were often decided by polls, predominantly the coaches’ poll, administered by USA TODAY since 1991, or the Associated Press (AP) poll.

When was the last time Michigan won the championship?

For the Michigan Wolverines, the quest for a national championship has been a prolonged one, with the last taste of glory dating back to 1997. Over the years, the team has faced challenges and setbacks, making the journey towards another championship elusive. In contrast, their final contender, the Washington Huskies, boasts two national championships.

The elusive nature of Michigan’s championship dreams stems from the absence of specific national championship games designated by the NCAA. In 1997, Michigan secured a victory against the Washington State Cougars, but the circumstances surrounding the game raised questions about its classification as a national championship game. 

With five teams ranked between Michigan and Washington State at the time, the victory did not fit the conventional mold of a national championship. Nevertheless, unlike some teams with a claimed title, Michigan has not played in a designated BCS or CFP national championship game. 

As the Michigan football team enters the championship game, they carry the weight of a 26-year title drought. The 14-0 Wolverines are set to face off against the formidable 14-0 Washington Huskies in a showdown that will determine the national champion. The stage is set at NRG Stadium in Houston, where both teams will battle for collegiate football’s highest honor.

The upcoming clash against the Washington Huskies serves as an opportunity for Michigan to etch a new chapter in its football history and bring the long-awaited national championship back to Ann Arbor. The battle at NRG Stadium holds the promise of redemption and the potential end to a 26-year quest for collegiate football supremacy.

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