“I’m a little surprised”: Draymond Green responds to Tari Eason calling out Warriors

Golden State Warriors are vying for the last play-in spot with the Rockets breathing down their neck. Despite Draymond Green’s early ejection, the Warriors etched out a victory over the Magic, thanks to some inspiration from Stephen Curry.

As if the Rockets’ on-court pressure wasn’t enough, their forward Tari Eason had to take it to another step and create more compulsion off-court. But that did not go well with the Golden State’s ever-vocal Draymond Green, who made himself clear over the Rocketier’s daring call out.

Draymond Green reacts to Tari Eason call out

The Houston Rockets have shown their hunger for a spot in the play-in tournament of late and stunned the NBA community with their exceptional 10-game winning streak, pressurizing the Warriors who are struggling to hold on to their 10th position just ahead of the Houston franchise. Eason called out the Warriors in a video, letting them know that his team is proceeding toward their spot.

During the latest episode of “The Draymond Green Show”, the host addressed Eason’s comment and looked dissatisfied with it. Green, who recently told the reporter that he didn’t care about the Rockets surge, said, “Why he would come out and make a video telling the Warriors to come out and play? Everybody in Houston had a heart attack when he did that. When you lose to a team in the playoffs when it matters the most… It’s tough to talk, because that’s what matters.”

The 4-time NBA champion pointed out that Eason was not even present in the recent success of his franchise but he respects the 22-year-old’s bold statement ahead of their crunch tie. The Rockets forward was last seen in action on Jan. 1 and has been missing games ever since due to his season-ending injury. With his video, the Rockets’ forward disappointed Green, who once claimed to have loved him.

Draymond Green’s recent praise of Tari Eason

While it is hard to earn respect from Draymond Green, Tari Eason rather impressed the veteran in his second season with the Rockets.

A month ago, the 34-year-old discussed in his podcast the youngster and what he brings to his team. Draymond went ahead, saying that he finds Eason similar to him. Later, while talking to former NBA player Jamal Crawford about the Rockets forward, Green said, “I love that kid, man.”

Assessing the forward, Draymond added, “He’s a good athlete. He’s not a crazy, freak athlete, but he’s a good athlete. Great length, great size, rebounds the ball. He’s not soft at all. He’s not backing down from nothing. Does the little things.”

Eason’s ball handling and rebounding skills had made an impression on the 4-time All-Star. Green was all praise for Tari, who was averaging 9.8 points, 7 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game before being ruled out for his injury.

As the regular season comes to a close, Eason’s words have certainly poured additional fuel into the build-up for the all-important game between the Rockets and the Warriors on April 4. Draymond Green will get an opportunity to reply to Eason’s side on-court if he does not get ejected from that game.

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