Draymond Green grabs Patty Mills by neck, days after Steve Kerr’s conduct appraisal

Draymond Green, since his golden days with the Warriors, has remained a pivotal part of the franchise. With his defensive ability and leadership, the veteran anchors the Warriors’ gunship with seasoned hands.

Knowing his value, HC Steve Kerr praised the forward for his behavior following his recent suspensions. But just days after getting the praise, Draymond Green got himself into a sticky situation with his on-court shenanigans. Despite getting reprimanded by the league, the 34-year-old is showing no sign of straying from his intuitions.

Draymond Green goes viral after grabbing Patty Mills’ neck

During the Golden State Warriors’ battle against the Miami Heat, Draymond Green once again displayed his aggressive side but narrowly avoided significant trouble.

In the first quarter of the game, when Miami’s Bam Adebayo received a pass from teammate Nikola Jović, Green attempted to intercept Adebayo to prevent him from scoring. Patty Mills, who was responsible for guarding the 4-time NBA champion, impeded his progress, only to face the consequences.

While trying to move Mills out of the way, Green appeared to grab him by the neck, resembling a chokehold on the 34-year-old Miami guard. Upon reviewing the incident, the game officials ruled it a common foul. However, given Green’s history, he should have been more cautious.

Earlier, Draymond Green faced a 5-game suspension for choking Rudy Gobert and a 12-game suspension for hitting Jusuf Nurkić, apart from the constant altercations on the court. Although Green had guaranteed at the time of his last suspension that he would change his habits, NBA enthusiasts are left skeptical of his current behavior.

Fans react to Draymond Green’s foul play

Anything Draymond Green does on and off the court catches the attention of the NBA community and this time was no different. Green’s choking video surfaced on the internet and spread like wildfire with the fans sharing their views.

Here’s what the fans wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) regarding the 4-time All-Star’s foul play:

A fan commented, “Green is such a loser”.

“Draymond is so hostile that he hurts players without actually trying to (skull emoji)”, added another fan.

Someone wrote, suggesting that Green needs to be suspended for his action, “Suspend him that’s dirty”.

While another fan wrote “Throw him out of the league”.

One of the comments read, “maybe if Mills didn’t have him in an arm lock”.

Whereas someone wrote, “See the space between his arm and the other guys neck, yeah, selling that common foul to get Dray out of the game. No different then a flop.”

Finding no flaws in the act, a fan added, “Only weaklings think that was a flagrant. Stopping making the game soft and let them play”.

“It should’ve been upgraded, but they can’t do that cause then the league has to do something about draymond again and they’re not going to right before the playoffs”, commented another fan.

Pointing out his series of violence, a fan wrote, “Flagrant foul. Draymond has a long history of being a dirty player.”

Where another fan commented from a neutral point of view, “Should have been foul on Mills since he was holding on first”.

With a record of 37-34, the Warriors find themselves uncomfortably in the 10th spot of the Western Conference standings, just ahead of the Rockets, who are waiting for the right opportunity to snatch the spot. Naturally, the men in blue and yellow are desperate to win games to secure a spot in the postseason tournament. The Warriors emerged victorious with a 113-92 win on the night, and fortunately, they will have Draymond Green available for the upcoming games.

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