Is Kevin Durant deserving of inclusion in NBA GOAT debate? Suns’ star expresses questionable views

Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant has expressed his views on the NBA GOAT debate. For a long time, whenever the GOAT debate is mentioned, two names consistently come up: LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

While many players have had promising careers in the league, none have been able to match the legacy of these two. However, there’s always an exception to everything, and in this case, it is the Suns’ star, Kevin Durant.

Is Kevin Durant worthy of being in NBA GOAT debate?

Kevin Durant has had an amazing career in the NBA and he continues to add to his legacy as he tries to win another ring with the Phoenix Suns. The big forward of the Suns has achieved a lot that has already cemented him as one of the greatest players to ever play in the league.

However, according to basketball enthusiasts, Kevin Durant can’t be considered the greatest ever just yet. Despite winning two rings and being named Finals MVP twice, and amassing a solid 26,000+ career points, these stats alone may not be enough for him to claim the title of the greatest ever.

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Michael Jordan won 6 NBA championships and has a legendary record of winning all 6 of his NBA finals. He can be credited for the popularity of the NBA today as he alone was a mega star in the sport. Apart from the fame, Jordan was a stat monster crushing many records during his time as a player.

On the other hand, LeBron James, the Lakers ace has four NBA titles and has been in 10 NBA finals. He too is a stat monster and holds records that would be hard to break for any player in the league. Earlier this season, he broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record and became the league’s leading scorer. James is the megastar of the NBA right now and is considered to be the GOAT by many.

Deciding the GOAT between Jordan and King James is a challenging task that has fueled community debates for more than a decade. Kevin Durant is arguably the greatest scorer the league has ever seen, showcasing the ability to score on all levels and provide strength under the rim. However, fitting him into the GOAT conversation is difficult.

According to fans, while KD has achieved great things in his career and is a fantastic player, he doesn’t quite compare to the two prominent figures in the debate, both in terms of stats and impact. However, Shaquille O’Neal recently argued that KD’s former teammate Stephen Curry should be in the GOAT debate which shocked a lot of people.

Kevin Durant perplexed why is not in NBA GOAT conversation

Kevin Durant recently raised the question asking why he is not in the GOAT conversation. In an exclusive interview with The Republic Durant answered a bunch of questions but the thing that struck out the most was his question to the interviewer.

“The Slim Reaper” reportedly said, “Because I went to the Golden State Warriors, Why should not I be in that? That is the question you should ask. Why not me? What have not I done?”

Durant’s greatness is often overshadowed by the fact that he went to the Warriors which was the right career decision. He accomplished a lot with the Dubs, however, he was criticized for joining a team that was already considered one of the top championship contenders at the time.

This became a big factor when compared to Jordan and Bron as they both carried teams that were the underdogs and made them powerhouses by the time they left. This negatively impacted the reputation of his hard work and achievements as people waived it away because he was in the Warriors.

Do you think Kevin Durant should be in the GOAT conversation? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments and let us know.

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