Is Tom Brady the solution to the Jets’ QB problem? Exploring NFL insider’s claim

Throughout his 23-season NFL career, Tom Brady was the solution of every difficulty regarding the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback room. Brady was the fastest QB to reach 100 victories in his career and possessed every desirable quality for a starting quarterback.

But now that New York Jets’ star quarterback Aaron Rodgers is out for the year, many NFL fans are making predictions that the former Buccaneers player will take over the Jets’ starting quarterback. This prompted ESPN’s Jeff Darlington to express his opinions on the former NFL player’s potential comeback.

Tom Brady is unlikely to be the solution to the Jets’ woes

Tom Brady left the NFL world for good this season declaring his retirement with the Buccaneers. However, rumors have been swirling in the air over the time about his possible outcome, reversing his retirement decision.

All of these claims were dismissed by the retired quarterback, who said he was looking forward to his FOX broadcasting job for the upcoming season and was currently working to become a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders.

After repeatedly closing the door on a potential comeback, Tom Brady is once more vulnerable to it after Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury. The NFL world is wondering whether TB12 will return to the Jets in the same way that he did with the Buccaneers after initially declaring his retirement with the Patriots to help the Jets win their second Lombardi Trophy.

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But as Jeff Darlington stated during his interview on “The Pat McAfee Show,” there is almost no chance that this will happen because Tom appears to be so committed this time regarding his retirement.

“It would make sense, honestly, if the Jets reached out to him. Before this injury ever happened, he was very inclined to stay in retirement and I don’t have any reason to believe otherwise.”, Darlington said about Tom Brady.

Jets suffer big blow after Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending injury

The only Super Bowl victory for the New York Jets came in 1969 when they defeated the Baltimore Colts with the aid of quarterback Joe Namath. After that, despite striving to improve their offense with the top quarterbacks in the league, they failed to break out of their Super Bowl drought.

The Jets could not resist adding Rodgers as soon as he expressed a desire to join them in order to fulfill their Super Bowl ambition. Although Rodgers had great intentions to assist them, his Achilles injury on the first drive of his tenure with the Jets destroyed all of his hopes.

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Aaron was expected to bolster the Jets offense with his 18- years of experience, however, his season-ending injury put the Jet’s offense in great jeopardy, leaving it in the hands of their young QB Zach Wilson. Zach’s performance was underwhelming at best in the NFL last season.

Although Wilson seems to be more at ease this year and has contributed significantly to the Jets’ victory in the Week 1 game, placing the starter’s role solely on him for the remainder of the season is clearly a major worry for the team’s future.

Do you believe Brady should reconsider his retirement decision to help the Jets get rid of their concern regarding their quarterback room, as he did for the Bucs? Make sure to share with us in the comment box.

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