Years after Super Bowl LV triumph with Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski expresses unwavering stance against returning to NFL

Rob Gronkowski, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots former legend, was among the few NFL stars who could play productively till the end of his career. From 2010-2022, the tight end remained one of the best players of his position in the league.

Gronk earned countless fans during his time in the league, and even the legendary quarterback Tom Brady’s elder son Benjamin has recently shared his wish to follow the TE’s career path in the future. Despite being drafted 10 years after TB12, the 34-year-old bid adieu to the NFL before his buddy. Fans are still hoping that the footballer will return to the field once again, and he recently voiced his take on this matter.

Gronkowski closes chapter on NFL Career

Jordan Schultz, an NFL insider, posted on X that Gronkowski assured him saying he would not come out of his retirement.

“I just spoke with Rob Gronkowski, who tells me he keeps on being asked about an NFL comeback. He says he’s 100 percent retired, and won’t play for any team.”

Jordan also asked the ex-Patriots star if he would consider playing again if TB12 does the same. However, the footballer said he is done and dusted with his NFL career and has no intention of returning.

The TE’s unretirement rumor started to hit the headlines last month following his statement regarding unretirement. After joining hands with the CBD company CBDMedic, Gronk addressed his retirement decision during a press conference in New York. The TE opened up about the intense pain that forced him to retire and revealed he is not mentally ready to think of a U-turn.

“Physically, I’ll be ready. I could play right now if I wanted to play, hands down. I can run fast right now, I’m feeling good. Physically-wise, I can do it. Mentally, desire-wise, it’s not there,” he said.

The ex-NFL star raised eyebrows by saying his body is still fit enough, and he might consider heading to the league if he once again feels passionate about it. This was what had previously sparked the rumors of his possible return to the league. But given his recent statements, we may have seen the end of his career.

Tom Beady-Rob Gronkowski duo won their fourth Super Bowl together in 2021

Brady and Rob’s duo won their fourth Lombardi trophy together by beating Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 back in 2021. With the seven-time Super Bowl champion connecting with his buddy in the first quarter to score the first touchdown of the game and ensure a 7-0 lead for the Bucs to ultimately turn the whole game in their favor, the duo showcased their incredible sync on the field.

Rob Gronkowski

The Tampa Bay TE also ensured the second touchdown for his team in the middle of the second quarter before finishing the game with six catches for 67 yards. He along with his signal-caller, created a new record for the most touchdowns between any QB and receiver duo in playoff history of the NFL with 14.

Before heading to the Bucs, this iconic duo played with the Patriots together from 2010-2018, winning three Super Bowls within a few years. Do you think that these two super stars should take a U-turn to the football field once again? Tell us in the comments.


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