Jake Paul candidly addresses leaked Conor McGregor payout, prompting UFC fans backlash: “Jake and Logan cap too much”

Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC, is currently facing a class-action lawsuit from former UFC fighters. Recently, court documents were revealed, disclosing the payments received by UFC superstars. These documents, which revealed Conor McGregor’s fight purse, prompted Jake Paul to comment on it.

Paul and McGregor have been feuding ever since the Paul brothers entered the realm of crossover boxing. Paul had defeated a string of former UFC fighters in the boxing ring. His latest victim was one of McGregor’s former opponents, Nate Diaz.

Jake Paul’s candid thoughts on leaked Conor McGregor payout

The documents revealed by the court contradicted the presumed pay of the superstar of the sport. Conor McGregor’s fight purse was initially presumed to be a lot. However, the court documents showed that McGregor did not earn as much. McGregor made less than $30 million for his fights in the UFC.

“Notorious” was presumed to have made close to $50 million dollars in his fights in the UFC. “This is fucking hilarious and sad at the same time”, Jake Paul tweeted in a now-deleted tweet on X, formerly Twitter. Apparently, Paul has made more money than McGregor with his fights in crossover boxing. McGregor has not yet responded to the comments of Paul.

Paul is fresh off his win over Nate Diaz in August. He is awaiting his next opponent for a December bout. Conor McGregor, on the other hand, is presumed to fight Michael Chandler, his rival coach at TUF 31.

Jake Paul sees backlash from UFC fans

Jake Paul’s comments on Twitter have sparked backlash from fans on social media. One fan commented, “Conor has way more money than Jake. Where is Jake’s Lambo boat?” The comment pointed out that McGregor has more money than Paul, citing McGregor’s ownership of a luxury yacht.

Another fan commented, “Jake Paul thinks that making $5m in 2015 is the same as today….. It’s like making $20m in todays market”. The comment schooled Paul with inflation knowledge and claimed that the amount of money McGregor made at that time would equate to double-digit payments at present.

“Jake Paul is a clown. McGregor has proven he’s the real deal. PAY THE MAN 💰” was another comment criticizing Jake Paul. The comment focused on McGregor as a proven athlete in MMA as opposed to Paul who is part of gimmicky fights and fights against older opponents well past their prime.

One fan brutally trolled Paul with the comment, “Jake and Logan cap too much”. The fan took a dig at Jake Paul and also his older brother, Logan Paul. Interestingly, both Paul brothers are interested in fighting McGregor, albeit in a boxing ring.

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