How will the weather be for Brazilian GP? Examining the condition in light of grandstand roof collapse at the circuit

At the Interlagos Circuit, many drivers will be testing their limits due to the uncertainty of the weather this week. Earlier, the weather predictions indicated heavy rainfall, and indeed, the qualifying session had to be abruptly halted due to an intense downpour at the circuit.

Max Verstappen secured a pole position regardless of the conditions as predicted before. However, there is no guarantee that other drivers won’t face setbacks during the race due to sudden interruptions. Therefore, the updated weather forecast provides a sense of relief for the Formula One drivers, giving them a clearer picture of what to expect in the upcoming races.

Brazilian GP weather update

November tends to be a wet season for Brazil, allowing nature to experience the moisture all around. Some days can be an exception, while others result in heavy downpours. An updated weather forecast is given below for the first two days of the Brazilian GP.

Maximum temperature expected: 30 Celsius
Minimum temperature expected: 18 Celsius
Chance of rain: 40%


Conditions: Mainly sunny in the late morning. Sessions are expected to be dry. Light to moderate westerly wind at first, backing progressively southeasterly for the sprint. SHOOTOUT: 25°C // SPRINT: 20°C

Maximum temperature expected: 25 Celsius
Minimum temperature expected: 19 Celsius
Chance of rain: 20%


Conditions: Mainly sunny and dry conditions are expected all day long. Light to moderate southeasterly breeze for the race. RACE: 23°C

Maximum temperature expected: 23 Celsius
Minimum temperature expected: 15 Celsius
Chance of rain: 20%

Grandstand roof collapses due to heavy rain and gust

A powerful gust of wind and heavy rainfall caused the Grandstand roof at the final corner of the circuit to blow away, with a large amount of debris scattered everywhere, causing panic among the audience seated below.

While there has been no official record of the audience undergoing serious medical attention, there have been accounts of fans having minor injuries due to the hurried evacuation. In the midst of Q2, the sky abruptly darkened as a heavy downpour arrived with almost no warning, causing the drivers to return to their respective pits. The entire session was then cut short.

When asked about the situation, Toto Wolff, Mercedes’s team principal replied “I think between P1 and P8, anything was possible [in these conditions],”

“Especially even in the dry before, if you are out of the garage, first, you have everything in the sweet spot and you are on pole.”

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