Jets’ Aaron Rodgers faces backlash for “anti-Vax gibberish” after backing Robert Kennedy Jr.

With a 3-3 record, the New York Jets are in third place in the AFC East, pursuing a rather average course during the 2023 season. In the absence of the team’s main quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, Zach Wilson has assumed the position of quarterback. The former Green Bay Packers star is currently undergoing rehabilitation as he deals with a season-ending injury. Despite his recuperation, he has made time to attend his team’s games, demonstrating unwavering support.

In addition to his injury and appearances, however, Aaron Rodgers has recently made headlines for his recent exchange of words with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. In the meantime, a prominent NFL columnist provided a nuanced critique of the quarterback’s anti-vaccine stance.

NFL Columnist slams Rodgers’ anti-Vax opinions

Since Kelce did a commercial to motivate people to get COVID-19 boosters, Rodgers made sure to make fun of him for this initiative and even termed him “Mr. Pfizer”. Even in his regular appearance on the Pat McAfee show on Tuesday, the vet regularly put his opinion against vaccines.

Gregg Doyel, the esteemed columnist from the Indianapolis Star, has stepped up to criticize the Jets’ standout for utilizing his platform to disseminate vaccine misinformation. Doyel contends that, given A-Rod’s substantial influence, his statements have the potential to lead people astray, potentially jeopardizing the safety of our society.

“Every Tuesday, Aaron Rodgers emerges from his rathole and looks around smugly, enjoying the smell of his own (breath), and says something really, really stupid about vaccines. And because we live in this cult of fame, liking and believing and even electing people only because they’re rich or famous, people believe Rodgers. So he’s out there, every Tuesday, saying something that makes us less safe,” he said via Sportskeeda.

The columnist also vented his frustration at McAfee as well as ESPN saying they continue to turn a blind eye to the QB’s statement while marking it as “conspiracy theories”.

“For some reason, though, he gives Aaron Rodgers a few minutes every week to say whatever he wants, and Rodgers wants to spout disproven anti-vaxxer nonsense and dangerous conspiracy theories. Why does McAfee do it? Why does ESPN let him?”

Doyel also slammed them for preventing Sage Steele from talking about the pandemic and vaccines on air, although in Aaron’s case, they have nothing to say. However, he also lauded McAfee, saying he is a “good man with a good heart”.

Aaron Rodgers supports Robert Kennedy Jr. for president

Robert Kennedy Jr., the son of the former 1968 US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, recently submitted official paperwork to the Federal Election Commission, signaling his intent to challenge the incumbent President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination. A prominent figure in the world of environmental law, Kennedy is also known for his stance as an anti-vaccine advocate. Notably, superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers has unequivocally thrown his support behind Kennedy’s candidacy. Rodgers’ endorsement carries significant weight, and it’s making waves in the political arena.

In an early interview, the four-time MVP revealed his decision to endorse the vet saying, “I believe in medical freedom and informed consent, and I’m voting for Robert Kennedy Jr.”

The Jets’ QB also shared the clip in his Instagram story with the caption “kennedy2024”. The 39-year-old has always been reluctant to take vaccine shots, and he even underwent an alternative treatment after getting affected by COVID.

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