What would be the cost for Jets if they release ex-Packers’ Allen Lazard after one season?

During the offseason, the New York Jets team was on cloud nine, bringing a bunch of vet players from the Green Bay Packers, including Allen Lazard. Even after inking him a lucrative deal, the Jets appointed the former Packers player as a link-up man for Aaron Rodgers.

As the Rodgers-less team has been struggling in all ways possible despite a strong defensive lineup, the team’s coach, Robert Saleh, has continued to make bold decisions. Following benching Zacg Wilson, Saleh did not hold back sidelining Lazard and showing little concern regarding their potential cost of the move.

Lazard can cost Jets $18.7million in a dead money charge

The Jets secured the services of the former Packers wide receiver in a significant four-year, $44 million contract. This hefty deal came after the Jets acquired Lazard from the Green Bay Packers, with the promise of a substantial $22 million guaranteed. The figure set a new record for guaranteed money given to any free-agent wide receiver during the off-season.

The expectations surrounding Lazard were undoubtedly high, with his vision assuming him to be a key weapon for star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Nevertheless, the whole scenario took an unexpected turn when Rodgers left the Jets’ season-opening game due to a season-ending injury.

This unfortunate turn of events has seemingly left a significant effect on Lazard’s performance and the Jets’ passing game as a whole. The Jets’ head coach in addressing Lazard’s future with the team, expressed confidence that the receiver would be a fixture for the “next year-and-a-half.” His statement seemingly overlooked the contractual details, as Lazard’s deal extends through the 2026 season.

The financial implications of parting ways with Lazard will be noteworthy, with an $18.7 million dead money charge to the salary cap if the Jets finally end up releasing him after this season. 

The Jets find themselves in a situation, grappling with the uncertainties of an unpredictable season. All eyes are fixed on Lazard, as the Jets made a substantial investment to secure his exceptional abilities.

Jets benched $44 million man Allen Lazard

Finding themselves at a crossroads in the midst of a challenging season, the Jets needed a break to delve into their stint with Allen Lazard. The receiver started the first 10 games, but his numbers were not worthy enough to satisfy the Jets.

With just 20 receptions for 290 yards and a single touchdown, coupled with three dropped passes, his impact on the field has been less than stellar, per the NY Post.

According to ESPN, Rodgers’ teammate even struggled to break the 50-yard mark in any individual game this season. Over the last three weeks, his average of 11.7 yards per game. Hence, with Wilson, Saleh came with an impudent decision of benching Allen before their Week 11 game. 

Saleh’s statements on Allen Lazard after benching him reflect the wide receiver’s performance struggles. The head coach even mentioned that the decision to bench Lazard was his own. Despite the temporary setback, Saleh expressed confidence in Lazard’s long-term presence within the team, stating that he would be a part of the Jets for the “next year and a half”. 

“Allen was down, obviously my decision. There are things that we all need to get better at, including him. He’s going to be here for a long time–for the next year and a half, he’s going to be a part of this.”

The Jets are currently sitting with a 4-7 record in the highly competitive AFC following the recent 34-13 loss to the Dolphins.  The team’s 4-7 record already raised questions about the team’s playoff aspirations. 

The Jets’ decision with Wilson did not go fruitful as his backup Tim Boyle struggled as well while the team even did not list Wilson as the second-string quarterback. Rodgers claimed it was a wrong decision, not giving him more chance to display his athleticism

Do you think the decision regarding Lazard was wrong as well?

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