Josh Allen ‘snapped’ at Stefon Diggs over ‘one f*cking game’ following Bills week one loss to Jets

Stefon Diggs has been a top wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills for the last several seasons. However, the receiver’s disappointment regarding his squad was very apparent, especially due to his cryptic social media posts.

The trade of star wide receiver Stefon Diggs from the Buffalo Bills to the Houston Texans surprised many NFL fans. But a recent podcast hinted at trouble between Diggs and the Bills even before the trade. To make things more interesting, a text message from Bills quarterback Josh Allen about Diggs was leaked online, leaving fans wondering what it all means.

Josh Allen lashed out at Stefon Diggs in Bills locker room

Josh Allen’s outburst towards Stefon Diggs in the Bills’ locker room after a disappointing loss in Week 1 of the 2023 season hinted at underlying friction between the quarterback and wide receiver. The Athletic’s Tim Graham recounted the aftermath of the Bills’ overtime defeat to the New York Jets in a recent episode of the “Tim Graham and Friends” podcast.

Allen was visibly dejected and was sitting with backup quarterback Kyle Allen. Diggs approached Allen to offer consolation or discuss the game. But he was met with a sharp response from the quarterback.

“But Josh Allen snapped at him, and he said, ‘It’s one f–king game,’ and kind of motioned I’m not talking to you here, and Diggs walked away and Josh sat there … Whatever Stefon Diggs said to him, Josh Allen wasn’t having it”, Graham recalled via New York Post.

This exchange hinted at a strained relationship between Allen and Diggs, which was also highlighted by Diggs’ declining performance throughout the season.

The Bills managed a 5-4 record in the first nine games, but Diggs’ production remained relatively consistent. However, as the season progressed and the team’s record improved to 7-3, his numbers took a noticeable hit. His average receiving yards per game dropped to 51.2, and his catch rate decreased to 61.7% during Weeks 7 to 18.

These statistics, coupled with Devin McCourty’s previous allegations about the Bills’ offense trying to prove they didn’t need Diggs, painted a picture of discord within the team. It suggested that there was a concerted effort to diminish Diggs’ importance within the offense.

Josh Allen roasted Stefon Diggs in leaked text

A leaked text by Josh Allen has stirred controversy, suggesting tension between him and Stefon Diggs. The screenshot was shared by a popular Bills fan, WyattzWorld, showing Allen allegedly referring to Diggs as a derogatory term.

In the leaked screenshot, someone asked Alken about Diggs. To which, he responded by saying,”He a b*tch boy.”

The authenticity of the text remains unverified. However, it resonates with past on-field incidents between Allen and Diggs, notably during the Bills’ 2023 AFC Championship loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Diggs was visibly frustrated in that game and was demanding the ball from Allen. Even his brother Trevon Diggs later aimed at jabs for not using Stefon properly.

With Stefon Diggs and fellow receiver Gabe Davis no longer in the Bills’ lineup, Josh Allen now faces the challenge of adjusting to a revamped receiving corps. The signal-caller will rely on tight ends Dalton Kincaid and Dawson Knox, as well as lesser-known receivers Khalil Shakir and Justin Shorter.

General Manager Brandon Beane remains optimistic about the Bills direction, highlighting ongoing efforts to bolster offensive depth and competitiveness. Diggs’ departure leaves a void in the Bills’ receiving corps. However, it also presents an opportunity for Allen and his remaining teammates to evolve and excel in the upcoming season.


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