Kevin Garnett claims Lakers fans ‘f*cking delusional’ to believe LeBron James and Co. can lift NBA championship

NBA icon and Boston Celtics legend Kevin Garnett recently shared his brutally honest take on the Los Angeles Lakers. Garnett’s statements might hurt some fans’ sentiments as he brings out the harsh truth.

The Lakers have not been doing very good in the league right now. They have successfully established a winning streak in recent matches. However, their overall record still stands at an unimpressive 28-26, a shadow of their last season’s record.

Kevin Garnett slams Lakers supporters

Kevin Garnett recently criticized the Lakers Nation on his KG Certified podcast. Garnett opened the forbidden door and expressed his brutally honest views on the current situation of LeBron and company. He referred to the fans of the franchise as delusional for thinking their team would make it to the playoffs this season. Garnett recently also commented on the condition of the Warriors and their chances of making the playoffs.

“I think anybody sitting here and looking at the Lakers team and talking about they can contest in the West for is f*cking delusional. They should have made some moves, I feel like, to better the team for him (LeBron James). He does not have much time. Bron probably has two or three more years. … They are not a contender, bro,” said Garnett on his podcast.

The former Celtics player criticized the franchise’s recent decision not to bring in new players before the trade deadline. He sympathized with LeBron James and applauded the 39-year-old’s skills. Additionally, he criticized the franchise for believing that Bron and AD could carry them to the playoffs this season, emphasizing that the team should have made some moves to improve.

Lakers chances to reach NBA playoffs

The Lakers currently stand at a record of 28-26 and are currently the ninth seed in the Western Conference. It is not a good position to be in mid-season if the franchise has hopes of making it to the playoffs. LeBron James’ side had a miracle run last season where they made the playoffs but were unlucky to make it to the finals.

LeBron James (Credits: getty)

LeBron James, leading the team at the age of 39, is the best player on the team, and this stat is proof enough to understand the situation of the team. The Lakers desperately needed to make some moves before the trade deadline and were even urged by super fans like Snoop Dogg to do so.

However, the general manager of the franchise has made his intentions clear of not being involved in trade before the off-season. If a squad rework is not done soon, the chances of the Purple and Gold making it to the NBA playoffs are very slim.

What do you think of Kevin Garnett’s statements about the situation of the Lakers? Do you think that the Lakers will be able to make it to the NBA playoffs this time? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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