Larsa Pippen gets dragged back into Scottie Pippen’s life with $250,000,000 lawsuit

After twenty-four years of marriage, Scottie Pippen parted ways with his wife Larsa who is now in a dramatic relationship with the former Bulls star’s teammate, Michael Jordan’s son. Despite the whirlwind of the 2016 split situation, Scottie and Larsa gave their marriage a second chance. The ex-couple had four children together before their ultimate divorce in 2021.

But in a twist fitting for drama television, the two former lovers are now set to cross paths again but in a very different scenario.

Scottie Pippen and ex-wife Larsa get tangled in lawsuit

Larsa Pippen has been the center of attention for a while now owing to her relationship with Marcus Jordan under scrutiny by fans as well as her RHOM cast. But this time she got dragged into a matter that involves her ex-husband, Scottie Pippen.

Scottie Pippen’s former lover reportedly filed a lawsuit against him and Larsa for harassing and stalking the lady named, Chyvette Valentine in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Ill. The news has also been confirmed by Page Six. As per the documents, Valentine alleged being raped by the Bulls star and his brother Carl T. Pippen which ended their six years of on-and-off relationship (1987-1993). Following the assault, she gave birth to a son, Devonte Pippen who died.

Scottie did not leave her alone even after their breakup. She claimed that the constant harassment and stalking by the 6-time NBA champion caused her mental as well as professional damage. According to Valintine, she filed a case against but using his celebrity influence Pippen got it nullified. She is currently claiming $250 million from the Pippens for her suffering.

Previously, she sued him for $9,999 that she had paid for the former NBA player’s travel expenses which he had promised to return when they were in a relationship.

Neither the Pippen’s nor Scottie’s ex-wife Larsa’s representatives have made any comments yet about the serious allegations that have been filed by Valentine.

Scottie Pippen’s reaction to Larsa dating Michael Jordan’s son

Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan’s on-court chemistry could be a successful one, but their off-court relationship was totally different. Although Pippen claimed Jordan to be the greatest recently, they are now poles apart from their days in the Chicago Bulls.

Things took a dramatic turn after the documentary series “The Last Dance” aired with Pippen feeling that Jordan got way more screen time than others. Larsa and Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan’s dating added fuel to the fire.

The lovebirds had hit a rough patch last month with a short-term break up but are currently on track with rumors of marriage bells around the corner.

Both MJ and Pippen were not happy when the news broke. Talking about Pippen’s reaction to Larsa’s dating life, a friend told Radar Online, “Scottie and Larsa are still friendly, and Scottie figures anything that gets under Michael’s skin is a victory for him.”

With the saga set to unfold, it will be interesting to see how the died-down dynamic between Scottie and Larsa Pippen evolves.

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