Matthew Slater addresses “unfair” portrayal of Bill Belichick in “The Dynasty” documentary

As far as coaching royalty is concerned in the NFL, Bill Belichick is right up there alongside Vince Lombardi. The six-time Super Bowl winner has created and nurtured countless superstars in his tenure and led the New England Patriots through an era where they were almost unbeatable.

That era consisted of some brilliant players, thanks to which they were able to emulate Belichick’s tutelage out on the pitch. Now, in a newly published documentary about the journey of the Pats, Edelman and Slater discuss some of the quirky and unheard-of traits of their former coach.

Matthew Slater discusses Bill Belichick in Pats documentary

The documentary titled “The Dynasty” covers the journey of the New England Patriots through their era of sheer dominance on the football field. A lot of the top performers talk about how it was to be coached by arguably the greatest coach of all time. Matthew Slater in particular, spoke a lot about how Bill Belichick took command of the ship and steered it towards glory.

However, as it turns out, the released clips of the documentary paint Belichick in a negative light. He was shown as someone who wasn’t listening to his players and imposing more authority on proceedings than he should have. Soon after this became the common consensus, Matthew Slater came out to address the situation.

Slater said, “I think (The Dynasty) portrayed Coach (Belichick) in a way that was very unfair. I spent two days interviewing, and I said more positive things about Bill than I could imagine. Of course, they didn’t use any of that.”

Matthew Slater felt “intimidated” by Bill Belichick

In a recent podcast and chat session with former teammate Julian Edelman, Matthew Slater opened up more about his experience as team captain and how he had to face the wrath of Bill Belichick on numerous occasions, to the point where he felt intimated in his presence during his locker room berating sessions.

According to The Sports Rush, he said, “There was always a part of me that was a little bit intimidated by him when he came to coach. He is such a strong figure,” Slater said. “But there was moments that he surprised me all the time with how supportive he was or thoughtful he was about different things. And I think that doesn’t get talked about enough.“

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