Months after getting challenged by Chiefs star, Tom Brady declares Patrick Mahomes the future face of NFL QBs

Tom Brady was not just an asset for the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers; he was a treasure for the whole NFL community. Throughout his two-decade career, the quarterback didn’t fail to amaze fans and analysts with his phenomenal athleticism. That is why, even after retiring from the league for the second time, fans beam with joy when the signal-caller teases with a potential comeback rumor.

As Brady is now done with his career, the question arises: who is suitable to be the next GOAT of the NFL? While the league boasts some phenomenal quarterbacks, the vet thinks Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes is in the race to become the next great.

Tom Brady calls Chiefs QB the standout successor

After hanging up his cleats, Brady is seen sharing his insights on the NFL in his ‘Let’s Go Podcast’. In a recent episode of the podcast, he, along with co-host Jim Gray, had the ex-NFL star Shaquille O’Neal as a guest. Shaq used the opportunity to ask TB12 which QB may outshine him as the greatest in the league.

Tom Terrific was straight in his answer while marking Mahomes as his successor to the position.

“Good question. I think when I’m looking at guys in pro football, quarterbacks, Patrick’s the one that really stands out… They’ve done a great job since he’s really taken over,” he said via

Tom Brady

The 46-year-old has always showcased commitment and gratitude to his coaches and has even come forward to defend his former coach Bill Belichick amid the Patriots’ continuous defeats. The vet thinks Pat is lucky like him to be surrounded by a great coaching staff.

“And he’s got a really great coach like I was fortunate [to have] like you were fortunate [to have] that helps you and is there for you when things are going good and not good. Gives you the humble pie when things are going good and knows how to pick you up when things aren’t good.”

Besides that, Brady reminisced about his professional football career while discussing his hard work to earn the “GOAT” title. He also talked about the current NFL signal-caller’s tendency to be a running QB rather than a rushing QB and said the latter option trims the chances of the players for longevity.

Mahomes aims to rival Brady’s 10 Super Bowl appearances

Just recently, the Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce marked Mahomes as the next GOAT in the NFL, keeping a huge respect for Brady. He said in terms of accolades Pat can outshine TB12 but winning seven Super Bowls and having ten Super Bowl appearances are going to be a gigantic task for his fellow teammate.

Mahomes himself earlier shed light on the topic during an interview with Chris Simms days back. He said the achievement looks far reachable but it is the “ultimate goal” of every player in the league.

“It’s hard not to think about it, I think about seven Super Bowls, and being in 10 of them. I mean, it seems surreal, because I mean it, I know how hard it is now to even get to that game. But like you said, you take it one at a time, but at the end, that’s I mean, that’s the ultimate goal.”

The signal-caller has been named Pro Bowler in each of his first five seasons as a starting QB while having other titles like two first-team All-Pro nods along with two MVPs. Nevertheless, the vet thinks the California Cool’s multiple Super Bowl rings and prolonged 23-season career are what every QB dreams of during his career.

“I think for any quarterback in this league, is to get to get to all those Super Bowls. I know it’s a long ways away and some take a lot of just season in day in weekend, whatever it is of being the best I possibly can be. And then if you talk to me like 15 years, and we’ll see where we’re at and see if I can get close enough to that.”

Having two Lombardi trophies in his bag, Mahomes needs five more Super Bowls to match Tom Terrific’s incredible seven-time champion mark. Do you think that he will be able to reach the feat? Tell us in the comments.


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