Nevada brothel proposes enticing offer for Super Bowl winner ahead of Chiefs vs 49ers

After two weeks of eagerly waiting for the most important game of the season, Super Bowl LVIII is finally upon us. Fans have started flocking to the streets, and Allegiant Stadium has never looked more star-studded.

As millions of football fans land in Sin City to catch a glimpse of the elaborate proceedings underway for the mammoth clash between the 49ers and the Chiefs, there are some outlets in Las Vegas that are employing a rather unconventional way of generating sales from the Super Bowl weekend. Let’s find out more.

Las Vegas brothel offers free service to Super Bowl winners

Since it’s Las Vegas, everyone associated with the city has come to expect something out-of-the-world happening during the Super Bowl weekend. However, we’re pretty sure nobody expected a Las Vegas brothel to pop up out of nowhere and steal all the limelight.

The Chicken Ranch, which rates itself as the #1 Brothel in the Las Vegas area, has promised that it will offer the Super Bowl-winning team an “orgiastic blowout,” and that too for absolutely no charge.

According to Complex, the complimentary experience for winners, aptly named “Sextravaganza,” encompasses a range of amenities such as limousine service and exclusive VIP accommodations. In addition to enhancing the overall enjoyment of the evening, whether for post-victory celebrations or simply socializing, the establishment is extending an invitation to the winners’ wives and girlfriends to participate in the festivities.

Super Bowl’s affect on Las Vegas economy

For the last decade, the city of Las Vegas has tried its hardest to become the sporting capital of the United States. Now that the Super Bowl is being hosted in Sin City, that dream has finally turned into reality.

“We are the sports capital of the world right now. If there isn’t a sport here yet, we will have it in a couple of years,” said Oscar Goodman, former Mayor of Las Vegas. Even Roger Goodell was of the opinion that sports will continue to thrive in Las Vegas for years to come. In a pre-game press conference, he said, “This stadium is extraordinary and we’re here and we can feel it … and that’s our stage. For us the stadium is key, the city is key. This city really knows how to put on big events. We’ve seen that.”

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