NFL analyst’s comment on Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce relationship leaves fans stunned

The Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce whirlwind romance has kept the Swifties and the NFL community interested for months now. The way the two have kept the relationship going by showing up for each other on momentous occasions and being a part of each other’s successes is commendable, and the couple has become one of the most followed across the world.

With the press relentlessly covering every activity of Swift and Kelce, there are bound to be some opinions that do not sit well with their fans. That is exactly what happened with one eminent TV analyst whose comments have made him the target of millions of supporters on social media.

NFL analyst’s Taylor Swift take causes frenzy

Talking about the upcoming Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, TV analyst David Carr made a comment that has left a bad taste in the mouths of most of the NFL community.

On the show “NFL Total Access,” Carr was waxing lyrical about the recent performances of the San Francisco 49ers’ TE George Kittle. He said, “I’m glad Taylor Swift is out of the country. Because if she sees George Kittle, she might rethink the tight end that she chose. That’s all I’m saying.”

The worst part about this comment is the fact that Geoge Kittle has already been married to Claire Kittle since 2019 and has been faithful to his wife ever since. The Twitterati hasn’t let this offhanded comment slide, as they took Carr down with some vicious words.

“This dude is a clown lol and blocked me because I called him out for a bad take this season lol,” said one user while another quipped,” What is wrong with people. Fire this guy. Also so many times on these panels the whole panel laughs when they absolutely don’t want to when someone says something like this. You don’t have to, call them out right on air and get them out of there. “

Travis Kelce reacts to Taylor Swift’s Grammy night

Taylor Swift won big at the 66th Grammy Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles. The 34-year-old received the Album of the Year award and was the subject of many jokes made about her relationship with Travis Kelce. However, she exited the event on cloud nine, elated by her achievements.

In a post made by NPRmusic about the global pop icon winning her award, Travis Kelce left a like that has left fans of the couple going crazy. This was surely yet another testament to the fact that the two are very supportive of one another.

According to, Travis Kelce said, “She’s unbelievable. She’s re-writing the history books herself. I told her I’ll have to hold up my end of the bargain and come home with hardware, too,” reacting to his girlfriend’s victory.

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