“We were lied to many times about our storyline”: Maria Kanellis exposes WWE’s deceptive practices and false narratives

Maria Kanellis, a former WWE Divas superstar and 24×7 Champion with a 15-year history in the WWE, is renowned for her memorable matches against WWE Hall of Famers and her victories in the 24×7 Championship.

Kanellis also achieved the milestone of being the first pregnant woman to hold a WWE title. In the latter stages of her WWE career, she encountered numerous challenges and recently took a stand against the WWE, citing issues related to lies and fake storylines during her tenure with the company.

Deceptive storylines: Maria Kanellis reveals WWE’s pattern of lies and manipulation

Maria Kanellis, being co-founder of Women’s Wrestling Army, an independent promotion for female wrestlers, never fears to speak about the problems faced by Women Wrestlers in the industry. Today, on social media she spoke against the myths and lies that has been spread about her and her husband, Mike Bennett.

She posted saying, “When I was “released” by WWE the first time in 2010 my contract was up and I refused to sign for one third what my male contemporaries were making. When I went back, I was told by many people I trusted that WWE had changed. WWE knew we were planning on adding to our family when we resigned. Mike asked for his release, I did not. We were lied to many times about our storyline and what direction it was going. I fought back against it to no avail.”

Kanellis expressed her frustration with the WWE for not revealing the entire storyline and segment before the show. She also confirmed that WWE lied about her storyline and they were forcefully involved in a storyline, where she claimed that Bennett was not the father of her child.

This is not new, as WWE lost many talents in the past years such as Dean Ambrose, Mercedes Mone and Dolph Ziggler, due to their dissatisfaction with the storylines

Exposing the truth behind WWE’s treatment of its talent

On February 27, 2006, WWE introduced its Wellness Policy for the employees in the company that tests its talent for drug use and abuse, and imposes penalties for violations. It came into effect after the death of legendary Superstar, Eddie Guerrero. It also provides rehabilitation for WWE Superstars by helping them from avoiding future addictions.

On the same note, Maria Kanellis opened about the fake news spread by the WWE regarding the rehabilitation of her husband. She added, “Mike never went to WWE rehab. Nor did they pay for any rehab. We are not millionaires and we don’t live in a mansion. I hope this helps people separate fact from fiction.”

Maria Kanellis
via WWE

She said that Bennett never went to a WWE rehab and did not pay for his rehab. She also accused WWE of trying to make them look bad so that they could justify releasing them in 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, after her departure from WWE, she joined ROH, where she is the assistant general manager and a commentator. Along with the recent controversy of Vince McMahon, Kanellis’ statement has left a negative impression of WWE, prompting fans to rally behind her on social media platforms.


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