NFL fans are furious over refs missing 15 penalty calls against the Eagles in Week 7 victory over the Dolphins

The NFL Week 7 featured a nail-biting and fierce battle between the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins, two teams of the elite group with a 5-1 record. Almost all predictions were seemingly useless until the last whistle of the game, and the Eagles concluded the night with a sound 31-17 victory, advancing to 6-2.

Following their triumphant victory against the Dolphins, the Eagles were riding high on cloud nine. However, the Eagles’ pride suffered significantly as a result of a video that went viral on social media that exposed the blatant unfairness the Dolphins had to endure. This revelation triggered a torrent of backlash from outraged netizens.

 Shocking video exposes refs missing 15 calls against the  NFL 

Foul and misleading calls from the referees are common in many NFL games, for which the NFL had to seek an apology from the New York Jets in Week 2 against the Cowboys. Even the humiliating loss led Sauce Gardner to delete his X account. However, after that, the Jets ran into bad luck with the referee on many occasions, which raised doubts and prompted Aaron Rodgers to address the NFL with a proposed solution.

Nevertheless,  the Eagles vs Dolphins match perhaps broke all the previous records of the referee’s controversial decision. YouTube user Max Optimized was the first to drag this into the spotlight by sharing a video that counts a ridiculous 15 missed penalty calls on the Eagles.

There were plenty of times the Dolphins should not have been penalized, including a penalty call for the Eagles Christian Wilkins for slightly pushing Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Moreover, according to Total Sports Pro, the Dolphins team could have the opportunity to score in a penalty call to the Eagles after a first-and-goal situation near the goal line. Yet, like the other 14 times, this time also the referees shocked them by flagging no penalty. 

The Dolphins had a couple of offsetting calls. But as the night was for the Eagles, the referees were also on their side; hence, by the end of the night, the Eagles had zero accepted penalties while Miami had a whopping 10 for 70 yards.

Fans are furious over refs missing 15 penalty calls

The missing 15 penalty calls left NFL fans fuming over what many deemed a failure to maintain the integrity of the game. Hence, they began flocking together on the social media platform to express their outrage.

“This is the worst officiated game as I’ve ever seen,” an angry fan’s reaction. It should be as it has already broken all the previous records. 

The game was not only between the Eagles vs Dolphins but also between a combined force of Eagles and referees of the game vs lone warrior Dolphins. 

It assisted the Eagles to win without having much trouble while leading a fan to leave a comment, like, “Eagles got bailed.”.

These controversial decisions from the referees dashed the dream of the Dolphins and also ripped up the competition between the Eagles and the Dolphins. 

“Ruined the whole game,” one comment read.

What’s your take regarding the record-breaking penalties? Don’t forget to leave your comment.

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