One criterion keeps Luka Doncic away from having biggest NBA contract ever in 2024

Luka Doncic is weaving his magic this season like never before. The Slovenian sensation is on a tear, dominating competition with his exquisite style to take the Mavs to a playoff spot. His heroics during the regular season are making the MVP race tougher with each passing game as the franchise eyes a postseason run to end a 13-year championship drought.

While Doncic receives plaudits for his astonishing trick shots and quarterback-esque passes, the 25-year-old is well on course for a bumper contract to solidify his top echelon status. However, he needs to wait for the payday just a little longer due to one special criterion.

Luka Doncic needs to wait till 2025 for biggest NBA contract ever

According to ESPN’s Bobby Marks, Luka Doncic is now eligible for a five-year $346M super max extension in the 2025 off-season. But why does he have to wait till 2025? This can be answered by a criterion.

Since his NBA Draft in 2018, Doncic is now in his sixth year of service (YOS) with the Dallas franchise. To be eligible for the mega contract, he needs to complete his 7th season with the Mavs, which will be completed in 2025.

Apart from this, he has already met the other criteria for eligibility for the $346 million paycheck. His performances this season leave no doubt about his All-NBA selection in the postseason awards, as he has surpassed the minimum threshold of 65 games played this season.

To put the amount into context, Doncic currently earns around $43 million per season from his 5-year $215 million contract, according to Spotrac. This season, Doncic will be earning $40 million with a dead cap hit of the same amount.

But given his performance this season, the Mavs will not be taking any chances by not giving him the gargantuan contract as soon as the 2025 season concludes. Winning the NBA Championship this season or the next will be cherry on top, but one NBA legend thinks the help from his Batman, Kyrie Irving will not be enough for a Championship chase.

NBA legend dismisses Luka Doncic’s championship chance

Luka Doncic has been setting the court on fire with his mesmerizing performance week in and week out, impressing the NBA veterans, but not everyone thinks positively about Mavericks’ chances of winning the championship title.

While discussing Doncic’s prospects of bagging the prestigious Larry O’Brien Trophy, former NBA player Tracy McGrady expressed his thoughts in an Instagram video, stating, “As Great as Luka is, I don’t think Dallas has done a great job of putting those right pieces around Luka. Even with Kyrie, I won’t say they’re a championship squad. I think they need a little bit more, they are missing some pieces.”

Although having immense faith in the Slovenian’s talent, T-Mac believes that the Dallas franchise lacks the pieces it takes to win the title this season. Being one of the most renowned names in NBA history without a championship ring, the 7-time All-Star knows from his own experience the amount of effort it takes for the entire team to win the title despite individual hard work.

The veteran’s input cannot be ignored as the Mavs had a sloppy start. However, Luka and his men have secured the fifth spot in the Western table, keeping their play-off dream alive. The 25-year-old guard is enjoying a remarkable season averaging 34 points, 9.1 rebounds, and 9.8 assists, moving to second place in the 2024 MVP race.

Doncic and Co. will face a desperate Warriors side in their next game on April 2 and with Doncic’s current form the Dubs will need to up their game several folds to stand a chance against the Slovenian juggernaut.

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