Packers David Bakhtiari throws dig at NFL’s turf surface preference amid Aaron Rodgers’ recovery

This year will go down in the Green Bay Packer’s history as David Bakhtiari’s first without his close friend Aaron Rodgers. Aaron continued to start a fresh and rejuvenated life with the New York Jets, while Bakhtiari stayed connected with the Green Bay Packers, apparently with the motive to call his career off with the Gang Greens.

However, both the Jets and the Packers kicked off this season on a high note with superb victories. Yet, the Jet superstar’s debut match brought him a major misfortune that incensed Bakhtiari so much that he did not spare the NFL commissioner and made a veiled jab at him, questioning their choice of turf.

Bakhtiari confronts NFL commissioner over turf vs. grass debate after Aaron Rodgers injury

Since Aaron Rodgers tore his ACL in his first game with the Jets and became sidelined for the whole season, Bakhtiari was the first to voice his concern over his friend’s injury. Yet, he named himself as the only player to raise his eyebrows on the turf of MetLife Stadium and urged it as the main reason for A-Rod’s injury.

Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, was alerted to David’s accusation, and he addressed it during a sit-down interview with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s “First Take” on Wednesday. The commissioner argued on the program that many league players prefer turf to natural grass.

“They have said that (they want grass) in many cases, but you also have other players who like playing on the turf field because it’s faster,” Goodell said.

Aaron Rodgers

The Packers’ left tackle became enraged once more as a result, and he used his Instagram account to retaliate against Goodell by sharing a Sports Illustrated article, featuring the commissioner’s statement. His post’s caption read, “Name them???? Literally, I want to know who!”

Prior to that, the two-time Pro Bowler at first expressed his anger and dissatisfaction over the statement by commenting, “What kind of toad poison is the commish smoking?!?” on the post.

However, the Packers’ legendary player appears to be unstoppable until the authorities change their minds about the field’s nature.

Aaron Rodgers takes first step toward recovery after Achilles surgery

Aaron Rodgers is supposedly sidelined for the whole season, but the four-time MVP is still eager to join the Jets’ Super Bowl aspirations as soon as possible. A-rod headed to Los Angeles for surgery to repair his torn ACL shortly after the MRI report’s findings were made available. There, Dr. Neal ElAttrache was in charge of the 39-year-old.

The 18-year-old veteran player recently shared his route to recovery and rehab strategy on the “Pat McAfee Show.” Rodgers proclaimed his certainty and urged that some of his friends, from whom he now draws his inspiration to battle, also make a full recovery from rehab.

Aaron Rodgers

“I popped my calf a few times, especially the soleus and this was not that sensation, so I knew right away this was not a good situation, so and I’ve known about this situation, this rehab I’ve had friends who’ve done it, fellow competitors who I know who’ve done it and have come back from it.”

For Jets supporters, the most exciting development may be Aaron’s admission on the show that following surgery, he is now in a better position, suggesting a fantastic comeback shortly.

“Then the sun rose the next day and I found myself in L.A. and had surgery on Wednesday and since then I’ve been feeling better.”

Hopefully, Aaron Rodgers will be able to join the Jets next season to assist them in ending their Super Bowl drought, dating back to 1969.

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