Patrick Mahomes’ dad on NFL GOAT: I have mad respect for Tom Brady, right now he is better

Tom Brady has recently revealed that the San Francisco 49ers tried to lure him out of his second-time retirement last offseason. Though TB12 himself sometimes contemplates unretirement rumors, he is very unlikely to do so. Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes is leaving no stone unturned to snatch away the “GOAT” title from Brady.

Recently, Patrick Mahomes’ father, Pat Mahomes Sr., has weighed in on the debate over who holds the title of GOAT in the NFL. Surprisingly, his pick isn’t his own son, rather it was Tom Brady.

Patrick Mahomes’ dad picks Tom Brady as the NFL GOAT

Patrick Mahomes is leading the Chiefs to their fourth Super Bowl appearance in five seasons. However, his father remains steadfast in his admiration for Tom Brady and Joe Montana. While acknowledging his son’s promising performance, Pat Mahomes Sr. said that Brady and Montana still hold the edge in his eyes.

“That’s still to be determined. He still has a ways to go. I have mad respect for Tom Brady and I grew up as a Joe Montana fan. [Patrick] is on the right trajectory, but right now, I would still say those guys are better”, he said.

A comparison of the first six seasons of Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes’ careers reveals a close narrative. The Chiefs QB holds the edge in various statistical categories, including wins (regular season and postseason), AFC Championship titles, passer rating, and TD-INT ratio.

However, the enduring legacy of TB12 shines through in his lead in Super Bowl titles during that time frame, with a 3-2 advantage. However, Pat could potentially erase that with a victory in Super Bowl LVIII against the San Francisco 49ers.

The longevity factor also emerges as a critical consideration in this debate. Brady had a remarkable 23-season career that allowed him to accumulate records and accomplishments. This prolonged tenure may be challenging for Mahomes to surpass to grab the GOAT title.

Tom Brady’s friends joke about Patrick Mahomes being GOAT

Tom Brady has recently taken to TikTok to share a humorous moment from his Australian vacation with friends. While strolling through what appeared to be a petting zoo, his group encountered a pen of goats. It prompted one of his friends to quip, “we’re coming up on the Patrick Mahomes exhibit,” via BroBible.

TB12 chuckled at the jest, but his expression hinted at a touch of discomfort. He captioned the video with a wry remark, writing, “with friends like these, who needs enemies.”

Football circles can’t help but draw comparisons between Brady and Mahomes. The ex-NFL star has an impressive resume, with seven Super Bowl victories and ten appearances in the championship game. On the other hand, the Chiefs QB has managed to clinch two Super Bowl victories and has made it to the big game four times.

However, Brady’s dominance over Mahomes in head-to-head matchups cannot be ignored as well. With a perfect 2-0 record in playoff encounters, including the 2018 AFC Championship and Super Bowl LV, TB12 has showcased his prowess on the field against his younger counterpart.

Can Mahomes eventually dethrone Brady? And If Mahomes were to replicate Brady’s seven Super Bowl victories, would it reshape the discourse surrounding the NFL’s luminary?


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