Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl: how does the QB fare at NFL’s grandest stage?

The Kansas City Chiefs have reached new heights thanks to the exceptional leadership of quarterback Patrick Mahomes. In just a few years in the league, he has built an extraordinary career marked by brilliance and significant impact. Despite the presence of many elite quarterbacks, Pat has been a true standout.

Even the legendary Tom Brady, widely regarded as the NFL’s GOAT, has heaped praise upon Mahomes, dubbing him his rightful successor. With multiple Super Bowl titles and divisional triumphs under his belt, the Chiefs QB is not just a rising star but a shining constellation in the NFL’s galaxy.

Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl portfolio

Patrick Mahomes has already established an impressive Super Bowl portfolio within a short tenure. With a 2-1 record in Super Bowls, he stands among the elite quarterbacks with multiple victories in this prestigious event.

During Super Bowl LIV, Pat Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs found themselves trailing 20–10 against the San Francisco 49ers. The quarterback displayed an impressive comeback, leading the team to their first Super Bowl victory in 50 years.

Despite the initial setback, he threw for 286 yards and two touchdowns. Not only did he contribute with his arm, but he also showcased his agility by rushing for 29 yards, including a crucial touchdown run. Despite two interceptions, his overall performance earned him the Super Bowl MVP.

Patrick Mahomes

The following year, in Super Bowl LV, the dual-threat and the Chiefs aimed to defend their title. However, their hopes were thwarted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who dominated the game with a decisive 31-9 victory.

In Super Bowl LVII during the 2022 season, Patrick Mahomes once again guided the Chiefs to a hard-fought 38–35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. This win earned his second career Super Bowl MVP. Not only did the quarterback shine in Super Bowls, but he also wrapped up the 2022 season by earning the Most Valuable Player award. Mahomes topped the NFL in both passing yards and passing touchdowns, making him the first player in league history to achieve all four feats in a single season.

Recent Tyreek Hill prediction sends Patrick Mahomes to Super Bowl LVIII

A recent prediction by Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver Tyreek Hill has brought Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs into the spotlight for Super Bowl LVIII. Despite Hill being traded to the Dolphins in 2022, his loyalty to his former team, the Chiefs, still seems unwavering.

The WR boldly predicted the Chiefs’ victory over the mighty Baltimore Ravens. He also went on to foresee the Detroit Lions triumphing over the San Francisco 49ers in today’s match.

“Chiefs and Lions Super Bowl, argue with a wall,” Hill confidently declared.

The AFC battle pits the Chiefs against the Ravens, with the host Ravens being 3.5-point favorites. They must also overcome the “Josh Allen Curse” to secure a win against the formidable Ravens.

If the Chiefs secure victory, Patrick Mahomes could ascend to the esteemed ranks as the eighth quarterback to reach a fourth Super Bowl—an achievement shared by legends like Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, and Troy Aikman. Notably, Mahomes is already in esteemed company, standing alongside Brady, Peyton Manning, and Montana as one of four quarterbacks boasting multiple Super Bowl wins and NFL MVP awards.

Should Pat lead the Chiefs past the Ravens and clinch a third Super Bowl this season, he would boast four Super Bowl appearances in just seven seasons. It seems the Chiefs have indeed found the quarterback as their lucky charm.


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