Fans brutally roast Floyd Mayweather for flexing $450 million wealth on IG: “Man still craves validation”

Floyd Mayweather and his boxing have given more than just in-ring action to the fans, and in reality, the hard work he did for all of these has also paid off as he has become one of the richest athletes in the world.

The whole combat sports community is aware of how much Mayweather can make from bouts and other businesses. His hard work inside and outside the ring has been a significant factor in this success, with Mayweather often showcasing his considerable wealth.

Floyd Mayweather shows off elite life style on IG

Floyd Mayweather’s immense wealth has made him an influential figure, with many aspiring to achieve similar financial success. Fans even look for the diet and workout of the former boxing champion, but since his retirement in 2017, much of the fan chaos has calmed down.

Despite being a retired boxer, there is one thing Floyd Mayweather hasn’t stopped flexing: his wealth. Even after six years of retirement, he believes he will remain the richest for the longest period. Recently, something like this happened on his Instagram Live.

Floyd Mayweather was seen showing off his $450 million wealth on his Instagram Live, where he had two suitcases of cash open on the seat of his probably new Rolls Royce, with a small LED TV behind the front seat, while he was watching some boxing matches.

“Just another ordinary day. Chilling in an EWB Rolls Royce. For those who don’t know what an EWB is, that’s Extended Wheelbase Rolls Royce. I need the leg room. I know I ain’t that tall—about 5’8″ in a half, some days”5’9″—but it is what it is. Chillin in here watching the Thirlla in Manila: Ali vs. Frazier documentary… And the bag is crazy.”

During an Instagram Live session, Floyd Mayweather, who is 5 feet 8 inches tall, joked about the struggle of reaching the bottom of the Extended Wheelbase of the Rolls Royce because of his height. He playfully mentioned needing extra legroom in the fancy vehicle.

Fans diss Floyd Mayweather for flexing money

Floyd Mayweather thought he’d impress everyone by flaunting his wealth on social media, especially after establishing himself as an undefeated boxer in his last 50 fights. However, rather than being impressed, fans didn’t take it seriously and instead started trolling him for it.

One fan unhappily said, “Imagine NEEDING to flex your money on social media at 46 years old; it speaks for itself deep down that a man still craves validation. Go spend time with your kids and grandkids instead.” The suggestion was for the ex-boxing champion to prioritize family time at 46 rather than seeking validation for his wealth.

Another disappointed fan commented, “Floyd still looking for validation at this point is very sad.”

This isn’t the first time Floyd Mayweather has attempted to flaunt his wealth. In the past, there have been several instances where he gave a sneak peek into his riches.

Do you think the retired boxer Floyd Mayweather still needs to prove he has a lot of money?


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