Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce surpass Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in most postseason TD duo after playoff victory

Entering the divisional round of the playoffs, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce faced heightened scrutiny, with skeptics questioning their ability to deliver success in a challenging road playoff game. The dynamic duo proved their prowess, steering the Kansas City Chiefs to a hard-fought 27-24 victory in the AFC divisional playoffs.

Meanwhile, they not only secured a crucial win but also etched their names in the record books by surpassing a milestone set by former New England Patriots stalwarts Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Mahomes and Kelce surpass Brady and Gronkowski in most postseason TD duo

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce etched their names in NFL history during the Chiefs’ divisional-round playoff game. The dynamic duo orchestrated a record-breaking performance by surpassing the mark for the most playoff touchdowns by a pair in NFL history. Their remarkable achievement, totaling 16 postseason touchdowns together, surpassed the previous record held by Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski with 15, per Bleacher Report.

The historic moment unfolded early in the third quarter, with Mahomes delivering a three-yard touchdown pass to Kelce. Mahomes showcased his precision by dropping back nearly 10 yards from the shotgun, creating a clean pocket to execute a flawless throw to Kelce. The star tight end caught the ball and effortlessly scored, marking a pivotal moment in their record-breaking journey.

As Jason Kelce celebrated the touchdown in his signature shirtless fashion, Travis Kelce expressed his joy with a heartfelt gesture, dedicating the achievement to his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Beyond rewriting the record books for the most playoff touchdowns by a quarterback-tight end pair, Mahomes continued to solidify his individual legacy. In the game, Mahomes completed 17 of 23 passes for 215 yards and two touchdown passes, showcasing his postseason prowess on the road.

With his skill, Mahomes surpassed quarterback Drew Brees’ previous record of 37 playoff touchdowns to reach 38.

Patrick Mahomes speaks on Chiefs’ sixth straight trip to AFC title game

As Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to their sixth consecutive trip to the AFC Championship Game, in a post-game press conference, the quarterback emphasized their shared mindset of coming together and giving their best, which sealed the victory. 

“Guys took it as a challenge. We just came in with the same mindset, that we’re going to come together, put our best foot forward and see if we can come out with a win. And that takes the mentality throughout the week, it takes every single play executing, and we did a great job of that today and were able to score enough to win.”

But after encountering difficulties in the fourth quarter, Mahomes spoke about his crucial exchange with the defense. He conveyed his strong belief in their capacity to effectively neutralize the opponent, sending a resolute message to secure the victory and progress to the AFC Championship Game.

“Through three quarters offensively, we were moving the ball up and down the field,” he continued. “But we got shut down in the fourth quarter, and I went over to the defense and I told them, ‘Y’all shut it down and we’ll win this football game. We’ll go to the AFC Championship Game.’ And they did.

Reflecting on their win, the 28-year-old then expressed the team’s unwavering commitment to grabbing the Lombardi Trophy this season.

“Our goal is to get to the Super Bowl, and that’s gonna take everything we have next week,” Mahomes

“Our goal is to get to the super bowl, and thats gonna take everything we have next week”

The Chiefs are now set to battle the Baltimore Ravens on January 28. If the Chiefs secure victory in the upcoming week, they will advance to the Super Bowl with aspirations of securing consecutive Lombardi Trophy wins.


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