Rob Gronkowski reflects on play against Rams star that inspired WWE champion dream

Former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski has once been lauded as the GOAT in his position. In a league full of fierce competition, the veteran found himself quite successful throughout his whole journey. After hanging up his cleats years ago, he is now out of the league and is busy with other activities outside the football world.

Besides providing his insights about sports, Gronk has recently stolen fan’s hearts once again by giving a musical surprise to the crowd at the LA Bowl. Meanwhile, the tight end has unfolded an unexpected chapter in his illustrious career: his venture into the world of WWE.

Gronkowski’s WWE dreams began with defeating James Laurinaitis

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady are a duo that has etched its name in NFL history by conquering four Super Bowl victories together. Their synergy on the field became a spectacle, dismantling opponents and solidifying their dominance in the league. As Brady once remarked, “No one’s done it like us.”

With three championships secured during their tenure with the New England Patriots and another triumph achieved with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, their legacy as a formidable duo was indisputable. However, amid the gridiron conquests, Gronkowski revealed aspirations beyond football—a dream veiled in the form of a WWE championship.

In a recent episode of TB12’s “Let’s Go!” podcast, Gronk shared a moment when he believed he had foreseen his WWE championship destiny during a defining play in his rookie year. Recalling a preseason game in 2010, the TE’s tenacity shone as he caught a pass and bulldozed through the Los Angeles Rams linebacker, James Laurinaitis.

Rob Gronkowski

After witnessing this feat, even TB12 acknowledged his innate prowess by labeling him a “beast.”

“We knew we had a beast on our hands,” the California Cool added.

What made this moment more intriguing is Laurinaitis’ father, Joe, a WWE Hall of Famer, known as “Road Warrior Animal.” The TE’s went into say, “I knew if I could drag this guy, I can be a WWE champion as well”. This seemingly innocuous play manifested into a prophecy fulfilled over a decade later at Wrestlemania 36, where the veteran claimed the WWE 24/7 title by pinning Mojo Rawley.

The QB and TE duo later continued reminiscing about their journey from the Patriots to the Bucs to secure their last Lombardi trophy.

Rob Gronkowski gets festive in Santa hat for new career venture

In November,ll Rob Gronkowski unveiled Fanzoo, an innovative market research tool designed for sports enthusiasts, alongside his brothers. This platform empowers fans to compare the prices of sports memorabilia to ensure they snag the best deals available. To kickstart the promotion of this new venture, Gronk starred in a Christmas commercial to add a touch of holiday spirit to his business pursuits.

In an Instagram post, the ex-NFL star shared a snippet of the ad, expressing his readiness to play “Santa Gronk” for his family’s gifting needs. Gronk opted for casual attire over a traditional Santa Claus outfit as he humorously listed out the sports preferences of his family members. He playfully asked his followers who wanted what, saying “Dan and Papa G get Bills, Gord gets Bruins, who wants what?”

Despite the relaxed attire, the former TE appeared busy fielding calls from friends and loved ones by fulfilling their Christmas wishes. The vet’s persona shone through as he playfully dubbed his company “the GOAT,” followed by a lighthearted nod to Brady, apologizing for the boastful claim.

Alongside his entrepreneurial endeavors, Rob Gronkowski has established himself as a sports commentator at Fox, coinciding with TB12’s forthcoming broadcasting deal slated for the 2024 season. Last month, he inked a partnership deal with BYLT Premium Basics to diversify his involvement in the apparel industry.

How well would Rob Gronkowski have done in the WWE? Tell us your opinions in the comments section.


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