Fans raise concern over Batista’s health after his latest collab with Mr. Beast thrusts him into the spotlight

The celebrity partnerships that Mr. Beast has been a part of have garnered more attention than his charitable work. The popular YouTuber had a collaboration with Batista in a recent video.

The film shows the towering wrestler’s softer side as he teams up with Mr. Beast and their crew to rescue 100 dogs as part of a generous initiative. The touching video, titled “I Adopted 100 Dogs!” and uploaded on December 23, 2023, has already accumulated over 32 million views and over 2.5 million likes.

Batista teams up with Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast’s most recent undertaking was to find homes for one hundred beautiful canines. The group had successfully placed 69 pets with new families by the end of the third day. Legendary WWE wrestler Dave Bautista joined the squad on day four.

As part of his support for the charity team, Bautista also embroidered the team’s outfit. In his role as an advocate for the dogs, the former WWE champion helped find new homes for them.

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A video of Batista making lighthearted small talk with the dogs in response to Mr. Beast’s challenge went viral online, and he received a lot of positive feedback for his role. Batista approached the dog shelter employees with true modesty, introducing himself based on his famous film history.

WWE star’s appearance in the touching video “I Adopted 100 Dogs!” by MrBeast brought even more attention to the 100 dogs who found new homes. The six-time champion has a soft spot for pooches and uses his platform to advocate for adoption and rescue. 

Working with the ASPCA, he spread the word about how adopting animals from shelters can change people’s lives for the better. Even though he just finished filming his legendary role as Drax the Destroyer for the MCU, Batista’s charisma and talent will be missed.

Fans show concern for Batista’s health

After a new picture of WWE icon Batista was posted on Twitter, fans are becoming more concerned about his health situation. His last bout was at WrestleMania 35 in 2019, marking the end of his almost five-year retirement from professional wrestling.

Due to the contrast between his normally powerful body and his unusually thin appearance in the photo, many are worried about his health. The public is wondering whether there’s some other explanation or if this is all in preparation for a new film part.

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