Robert Parish reminded “arrogant as f***” Michael Jordan of 1985-86 NBA Championship playoff loss despite 63-pointer heroics

Many regard Michael Jordan as the greatest in NBA history. On the court, he proves to be a relentless offensive force, not afraid to take any shots. Legends who match up against MJ and also share the same locker room with him have all shared stories of his competitiveness.

However, Eastern Conference NBA post games of the 1985-1986 season gave Michael Jordan an opportunity he needed in his career to establish himself in the league, which he did despite the Chicago Bulls losing the game.

Robert Parish discussed Michael Jordan arrogance

Aside from his competitive mentality, which made Jordan the most feared player in the league, he was also famous for his arrogant attitude on and off the court. Robert Parish, who has had the opportunity to match up against Michael, seems to be the perfect person to share his experience of MJ’s arrogance coupled with the fact that he was outstandingly competitive.

Michael Jordan 63 points in 1985-86 NBA Championship playoff was not enough to safe the Bulls from defeat, amid Robert Pariah arrogance comment.
Michael Jordan Via Getty

Fadeaway Dunk 99 posted a video of Robert Parish sharing insights into playing with Michael Jordan during the ’80s as a Boston Celtic and in the ’90s as a Chicago Bull.

“Michael Jordan. Athlete. One of the great competitors, arrogant as FFFFFFFF*CK, but, that one of things that makes him so great and makes him such a competitor,  reason why I say, arrogant to a folk, because he don’t think, he should ever lose at anything! So I’m like, first of all, you’re not perfect Michael, you’re gonna lose at something, some people just want to better than you are at certain things. Now Granted. Hey. Hey! Chief! They did light yours As**UP for, For 63 now so… hey. Hey! I Reminded Him of That coop. I also told him, But we burst y’all’sa** Though.”

Robert Parish featured in a playoff match against MJ 1985-96 season. A matchin which Jordan announced his presence in the league with 63 points. He joined the Bulls in his later career days on September 25, 1996, after his time with the Charlotte Hornets.

Fellow Hall of Famers, Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen, were chasing their fourth NBA championship. During his time with the Bulls Parish revealed a time he told Michael Jordan to respect him because he had won championships before joining them in the Bulls. However, Parish knows Michael Jordan to be one who can brutalize his teammate or anyone for team glory.   

Jordan’s legendary 63 points game at TD Garden

The 1985-86 season presented challenges for Jordan, with only 18 games played due to a broken foot. He managed to recover in time for the postseason, where the Chicago Bulls faced the Larry Bird-led Celtics, the favorites to win.

In Game 1, MJ scored 49 points, followed by a remarkable 63-point explosion in Game 2, a performance he downplayed. “I’m not worried about the points,” Jordan told The Washington Post, per Andscape. “I’d give all the points back if we could win.”

Michael Jordan 63 points in 1985-86 NBA Championship playoff was not enough to safe the Bulls from defeat, amid Robert Pariah arrogance comment.
Michael Jordan Via Getty

After Game 2, Bird famously dubbed the man who scored 63 points as ‘God disguised as Michael Jordan.’ Despite Jordan’s incredible average of 43.7 points in that series, a record that still stands, the Bulls were swept by the Celtics, who went on to win the NBA Championship that season.

For Jordan, personal accomplishments took a backseat to team success. Bird wasn’t the sole admirer of Jordan’s performance. Robert Parish shared that Michael was in exceptional form that night and had the potential to score a staggering 90 points against them if there were extra 5 minutes to play

While Jordan may not dwell on his Game 2 performance, analysts and fans recognize it as a pivotal moment in his career. It signaled that the Bulls had made the right choice in drafting him, even in the face of team setbacks during that time.

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