Russell Wilson breaks silence on exit rumors following conflict with Broncos management: “God’s got me”

Monetary facts often create barriers in a sweet relationship between a player and a team, and Denver Broncos starter Russell Wilson is the latest to write his name in this saga. While the Broncos added Wilson with the hope of giving their offense a boost, his struggles let the team choose another path.

While Russell has been trying to turn things around after a disappointing start, the Broncos are taking the opposite road and pushing the starter to open up about his inner response.

Russell Wilson breaks silence on exit rumors

Following the announcement of the Broncos’ decision to part ways with Russell Wilson, the quarterback turned to X, to leave a quick message with his followers. While the message hinted at an optimistic outlook for the future, it left many wondering about Wilson’s potential departure from the Broncos organization.

“God’s got me. Looking forward to what’s next,” he wrote in the tweet.

Nevertheless, behind the scenes, there were unspoken sentiments that Wilson initially chose not to express publicly. Before the rumors of the Broncos’ decision to bench him surfaced, the quarterback engaged on X, formerly known as Twitter, where he notably liked several posts related to the benching situation.

Among the liked posts were multiple assertions linking Wilson’s benching to contract adjustments. Notably, a post from an account named Fantasy Fanatics caught fans’ attention, comparing Wilson’s statistics to those of Patrick Mahomes for the current season, as reported by

The situation takes a startling turn considering the Broncos made a significant investment, including two first-rounders and two second-rounders, to acquire the nine-time Pro Bowler from the Seattle Seahawks in March 2022. Denver further solidified their commitment by granting the Super Bowl champion QB a lucrative five-year, $245 million extension ahead of the 2022 campaign.

Broncos set to trade Russell Wilson 

The Broncos, with a record of 12-20 since acquiring Russell Wilson and a significant gap from the 2022 postseason, have come to the realization that Wilson might not be the optimal solution considering the substantial deal they offered him. Consequently, reports suggest the team is gearing up to part ways with the former Seattle Seahawks player in March of the upcoming season.

At the core of the issue is the impending $37 million guarantee in injury provisions for the 2025 season. Set to become guaranteed in March 2024, the Broncos sought an adjustment from Wilson to postpone this crucial trigger date associated with the injury guarantee for the 2025 season.

Initially, after the decision to bench him, reports hinted at the team’s intention to maintain ties with Wilson. This move was anticipated following the struggles of the starter in the last season, leading to the firing of Nathaniel Hackett and the appointment of Sean Payton. However, Payton, attributing Wilson’s dismal season to Hackett, declared a “redemption” plan with Russell, receiving a subtle jab from Aaron Rodgers.

As the season progressed with ongoing struggles, Payton lost faith in Wilson, drawing criticism after an unnecessary outburst towards the quarterback. Now, with Payton, the Broncos have also lost their trust and are reluctant to incur further financial losses with Wilson. In contrast, Seattle benefited from the Wilson trade, acquiring a treasure trove of draft picks and players, while the Broncos find themselves with a quarterback who has fallen short of his former self.

Do you think that the Broncos’ decision regarding Russell Wilson is an appreciative one? 

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