Russell Wilson provides fiery welcome to Justin Fields after latest trade

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense witnessed a major struggle in the 2023 season as their starting quarterback Kenny Pickett sustained injury. Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph were thrust into the role, but they fell short of expectations. Mitch Trubisky was cut, and Rudolph recently signed with the Tennessee Titans.

Pickett also found his new destination with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Steelers earlier signed the former Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who now has Justin Fields as his competitor in the QB room. However, Wilson has a warm welcoming message for his fellow QB.

Russell Wilson welcomes Justin Fields to Steelers

Russell Wilson’s arrival at the Steelers already sent shockwaves through the NFL. The Steelers continued to shake up the quarterback landscape by acquiring Justin Fields shortly after Wilson’s signing.

Wilson’s signing seemed to solidify the Steelers’ quarterback situation, as he was slated to compete with Kenny Pickett during training camp. However, Pickett’s trade request and subsequent move to the Eagles swiftly altered the team’s plans, opening the door for Fields to join the Steelers.

Fields now finds himself in the black and gold of Pittsburgh and has been welcomed by none other than Russell Wilson himself. Wilson’s message, “Let’s get it @justnfields. QB room bout to be,” set the tone for the new partnership.

Reports indicate that Fields will step into the role of Wilson’s backup, ending any speculation of a starting quarterback competition. The consensus around the league positions him as a backup for this phase of his career.

Fields’ journey with the Bears showed flashes of brilliance, characterized by electrifying plays and unwavering leadership. However, his development as a passer fell short of expectations, which ultimately led to speculation about his future with the team. The Bears’ decision to reset at the quarterback position coincided with Fields’ opportunity to embark on a new chapter with the Steelers.

Justin Fields trade details

Justin Fields’ trade involves a 2025 conditional draft pick, which starts as a sixth-round pick. However, it could potentially escalate to a fourth-round pick based on Fields’ playtime, per CBS Sports. The conditions for the draft pick upgrade hinge on Fields’ participation in at least 51% of the Steelers’ plays during the upcoming season. This requirement puts the spotlight on Russell Wilson, as Fields would need to step in either due to Wilson’s injury or a significant dip in performance.

Initial expectations for Fields’ trade value were higher, with reports suggesting the possibility of a second-round pick. However, the scenario shifted during the offseason, and affected his market value as other quarterback signings reshaped team rosters.

Justin Fields
via AP News

For the Steelers, acquiring Fields at the cost of a sixth-round pick provides insurance for Wilson, who signed a one-year “prove it” deal. If Wilson fails to meet expectations, the team has the option to turn to Fields and potentially extend his tenure.

Fields showcased his talent with 6,674 passing yards along with 40 touchdowns, and 30 interceptions in 40 games for the Bears. Now, it remains to be seen if he can snatch away the starting role from Wilson.


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