Sauce Gardner gives insightful take on Patriots’ offense as Jets look to end 14-game winning streak

The seven NFC teams this season have a 2-0 record, making them the front-runners touted to win the Super Bowl. The AFC teams appear to be far behind in this streak, especially the New England Patriots who have already accepted back-to-back defeats in their first two games.

However, the Patriots are coming into this Sunday’s game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium riding a record-breaking winning streak. Though the awful number has already become a huge headache for the team, the Jets’ young star Sauce Gardner offers a perceptive analysis of the Patriots’ offense to break free of the ominous streak.

Jets’ Gardner evaluates Mac Jones-led Patriots offense

Sauce Gardner, the first rookie cornerback to be named to the first team All-Pro since Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott in 1981, heads into his second season with the Gang Green after an excellent rookie campaign. The Jets’ defense, which includes the 23-year-old, has already made headlines for last season’s second-largest NFL turnaround in the last 45 years.

The Jets’ defense adopted a destructive demeanor this season as well, breaking the opposing team’s attack in a matter of minutes. Sauce Gardner now considers this to be his squad’s strongest weapon. The Patriots and Jets are set to play each other in Week 3 of this season.

Gardner appears to be hoping to dismantle the lineup with their defensive approach, despite the Patriots’ offense being bolstered by Superman quarterback Mac Jones and the Jets’ excruciating 14-game losing skid versus the Patriots.

“They don’t really have a complex offense. It’s pretty simple for the quarterback to get. The gap scheme, everything is really simple. But they excel at it.”

The Jets’ team appears to have been revitalized this season thanks to a number of Green Bay Packers players, and the finest decision was to sign Aaron Rodgers.

Though Rodgers’ season-ending injury has already sidelined him, Gardner believes that their losing run to the Patriots is in the past and it won’t have an impact on them this year because statistically they are already ahead of the New England squad.

“We just treat every game pretty much the same for the most part. Football is football. But of course that’s something we think about. That streak we haven’t beat ’em, 14 games or something like that? I wasn’t here, I don’t think any of the coaches or players were here, so we can’t really feel for the whole 14.”

Though Gardner played well, the Jets’ had to digest their first defeat of this season during their Week 2 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. The game also collected headlines as the cornerback deleted his X account following the game, apparently in a dispute with fans.

Patriots’ 14-game winning streak against the Jets

The Patriots have a staggering 39-25-1 record against the Jets in home games overall, but their most amazing run of success against the Jets dates back to 2015. The last time the Jets defeated the Patriots was in 2015, a game that required overtime for the Gang Green to achieve a 26-20 triumph.

According to reports, it is the league’s seventh-longest head-to-head dominance stretch.

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Gardner called their recent losing streak “frustrating” for them, but he wants his team to focus entirely on this game in order to end the Patriots’ seven-year winning streak and advance farther in the playoffs.

“Yeah, it was really frustrating. But we had to put it in the past.”

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