Sauce Gardner, Kenny Yeboah all but confirm Mecole Hardman Jr leaked Jets offensive game plan to Eagles and Chiefs

The NFL is not just a game of physical prowess and strategic plays as it is also where off-field drama and controversies often grab headlines. The latest drama involves Mecole Hardman Jr, the wide receiver who transitioned from the New York Jets to the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs.

Amid speculation of behind-the-scenes communications with the Chiefs before the trade, Hardman’s return to the Chiefs has sparked tensions. This move has ignited a brewing feud between several New York Jets players and the Chiefs’ rising star.

Jets believe Mecole Hardman Jr leaked their strategy to Eagles and Chiefs

Some Jets players reportedly believe that Mecole Hardman Jr leaked the team’s game plans to both the Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles during the 2023 season.

Connor Hughes, a reputable New York football reporter, took to Twitter to share the unsettling news. He wrote there was a validated belief within the Jets organization that Hardman, frustrated by his lack of usage, may have shared crucial game plan information with opposing teams. This suspicion extends beyond the Jets’ matchup against the Eagles, and it encompasses their clash with the Chiefs as well.

The suspicions surrounding Hardman stem from the timing of his departure from the Jets and subsequent performances against his former team and the Eagles. Gang Green faced off against the Chiefs in Week 4, where they narrowly lost in a closely contested match. The Jets secured a victory against the Eagles two weeks later, marking their opponent’s first loss of the season.

What adds fuel to the fire is Hardman’s pivotal role in the Chiefs’ Super Bowl triumph, where he caught the game-winning touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes in overtime. His standout performance on the biggest stage of football has thrust him into the spotlight. It indeed amplified the speculation surrounding his actions during his time with the Jets.

Sauce Gardner and Kenny Yeboah weighs in on Mecole Hardman Jr’s actions

Mecole Hardman Jr has stirred controversy with remarks about his former team, the Jets. The impending free agent admitted to quitting on the Jets and being mentally disengaged by Week 4, leading to a mid-season plea to Chiefs GM Brett Veach and Patrick Mahomes to rescue him.

However, the situation took a darker turn as former Jets teammates Sauce Gardner and Kenny Yeboah accused Hardman of a more severe offense during his brief stint with the team. Gardner, whose snapchat id was hacked days ago, posted a now-deleted message, directly accusing Hardman of leaking the Jets’ offensive game plan to the Eagles.

“We ain’t gon talk about how our offensive gameplan got leaked vs. the Eagles tho :(“, Gardner wrote.

Kenny Yeboah also joined Gardner, suggesting that Hardman’s actions were not only detrimental to the team but also reflective of a poor work ethic.

“He’s Tripping out, he ain’t talk about his own work ethic and how the Georgia eagles got our game plan.”

The implications of these accusations surely extend beyond mere locker room drama. If proven true, Hardman’s actions could constitute a serious breach of trust and integrity as it raises concerns about fair play and competitive advantage in the league.


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