Jake Paul issues daring challenge to Canelo Alvarez: “You can run, but you can’t hide”

In his short yet impactful boxing career, Jake Paul has already given the boxing community a glimpse of his potential to become a boxing champion. Paul has consistently expressed his desire for a specific matchup by calling out Canelo Alvarez.

WBA champion Canelo, with 60 wins, holds the power to decide his next opponent. However, for Jake Paul, the goal has always been the boxing belt first and then challenging the champion holding that belt.

Jake Paul seeks Canelo Alvarez bout

On March 2nd, Jake Paul is preparing for his second win against another professional boxer, Ryan Bourland, with 17 victories to his name, who last fought in 2022. Amidst these preparations, Jake has expressed his next target opponent.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer believes in his skills to cause an upset against Canelo Alvarez and his fans if the bout becomes official. In a recent interview, “Problem Child” shared his thoughts on competing with Alvarez.

As per sources, Jake Paul talked about possibilities first, saying, “I think it will happen at some point. I’ve been talking about that for a couple of years now. Canelo has brought it up. So, it makes sense.” Then 27-year-old Paul added, “He’s coming to the end of his career, where he’s going to want to make a lot of money. He left PBC.”

Jake Paul also delivered a cold warning stating, “So Canelo, once again, I want to fight you, brother. Let’s make it happen. You can run, but you can’t hide.” The “Problem Child” assured he was ready to fight Alvarez while claiming it was the Mexican fighter who initiated this beef, so he is ready to fight any time.

Jake Paul talks about the Tommy Fury rematch.

Jake Paul has been in talks with lots of media channels for one topic: “rematch with Tommy Fury.” Recently, Paul even offered $20,000,000 to Fury for fighting against him in the ring. Then, in the last battle, they will settle it down in the MMA cage. Last year, Jake lost the fight against Tommy Fury via split decision. Since then, he has been after Fury to accept the rematch, but Tommy isn’t showing any actual interest.

Also in the last tweet, Jake mentioned Tommy Fury’s name while giving an answer to all of his expected opponents. Where he said, “You have been running for a year now. I’m ready at any time. Offered you eight figures. You and Daddy think it’s worth more. “Okay, bring me the money.”

Tommy Fury and his father, John Fury, have expressed their readiness for a fight in several interviews. However, there has been no official confirmation or indication within the boxing community regarding talks to make this bout official.


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