Stephen A. Smith Injury: ESPN analyst denies Micah Parson’s tackle hospitalized him ahead of Celebrity All-Star game

ESPN’s NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith recently suffered an injury ahead of the celebrity All-Star game. Smith denied that his injury resulted from his scruffle with Micah Parsons on television.

The star linebacker of the Cowboys also taunted Smith after he won the MVP award at the Celebrity All-Star game. Smith’s explanation of how he suffered the injury had everyone on the panel laughing as he criticized Molly Querim for spreading lies.

Stephen A. Smith injury status

Popular analyst Stephen A. Smith has been reportedly hospitalized after suffering an injury ahead of the NBA celebrity All-Star game. Molly Querim revealed the news on Friday morning on ESPN’s first take. She let the viewers know that Smith would be arriving late on the show because of an injury he suffered on Thursday night.

Querim reported that Smith had to be hospitalized after being crossed up by Micah Parsons. Later, Smith revealed that the information was false, and his injury had nothing to do with Micah. He humorously criticized Querim for spreading false information to the American people and explained how he got injured.

“Molly Querim is a pathological liar. That did not happen to me, she made the whole thing up… crossed over by Micah Parsons are you kidding me… I ain’t talking to her, I am down with her… as I was about to shoot up my feet slipped and I busted my a**,” said Smith.

Stephen explained that he arrived at the practice, and Shannon Sharpe was not there. Micah arrived, and both of them started shooting. There was sweat on the floor, and as he was about to shoot, he slipped and got injured.

How did Stephen A. Smith’s do at Celebrity All-Star game?

Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons was named the MVP of the Celebrity All-Star game, contributing to Team Shannon’s victory against Team Stephen A. Smith. He had a 37-point game and was dominant throughout, leveraging the extreme physical nature of the NFL. Stephen A. Smith was named as the coach for the second team in the Celebrity All-Star game.

Stephen A. Smith
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Smith gave his best efforts to coach his team and guide them to victory. Despite being injured he showed up for the match and coached his squad. However, he was unable to win against NFL icon Shannon Sharpe who is also his co-host on ESPN’s first take. Overall, Smith did a fine job of playing the role of a coach and gave his very best for the team.

Do you think that Smith’s team had any chance of winning the All-Star game? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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