Stephen A. Smith mocks QB Dak Prescott after Cowboys humiliating loss to Bills

The Dallas Cowboys hit a roadblock in Buffalo as they faced the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, marking their first away game in nearly a month. After a dominant performance in recent weeks, Dak Prescott’s team found themselves in a substantial 21-3 halftime deficit, ultimately suffering a 31-10 defeat, arguably their worst performance of the season.

The defeat presented a prime moment for Dak Prescott’s long-standing detractor, NFL analyst Stephen A. Smith, to once again unleash his mocking remarks in the wake of the Cowboys’ disappointing night.

Stephen A. Smith trolls Dak Prescott

As Dak Prescott, a leading MVP candidate, faced the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, the anticipation was high for another stellar performance akin to his Week 14 heroics against the Philadelphia Eagles, amid his frustration. However, the script did not go as expected with Prescott suffering another defeat in a crucial game, a familiar face couldn’t hide his delight.

Renowned for his outspoken opinions and unabashed disdain for the Cowboys, NFL analyst Stephen A. Smith found himself reveling in the team’s misfortune once again. Smith, who challenged the Cowboys’ playoff potential labels, proudly wears his hater status as a badge of honor, a sentiment rooted in the fact that his ex-girlfriend was a die-hard Cowboys fan.

A staple video after the Cowboys’ loss emerged as Smith panned the camera away, donned a serious yet sarcastic expression, and then erupted into laughter. The caption, “How ’bout them Cowboys!!!” accompanied the clip in his X post, reflecting Smith’s unapologetic joy in ridiculing the Cowboys and their fans.

In his post-game analysis, Smith emphasized the factors that he believed contributed to the Cowboys’ downfall, dismissing the earlier hype around Prescott’s MVP candidacy. He highlighted the overlooked running game of Buffalo, the challenging weather conditions, and the unpreparedness of the Cowboys to face such adversities in Western New York.

“I let it set up there and believe that those Dallas Cowboys gonna be special… And they got stomped. What did I tell you? I’m gonna leave you alone for now,” Smith quipped, reveling in the satisfaction of having his predictions validated.

Amid the playful nature of Smith’s trolling, there’s a sobering reality for Dak Prescott: the outcome of Sunday’s matchup is likely to dent his MVP odds, particularly with fellow frontrunner Brock Purdy’s impressive performance against the Arizona Cardinals. 

Dak Prescott’s performance against Bills

The challenging weather conditions in Buffalo, with constant rain throughout the game, took a toll on Dak Prescott and the Cowboys offense, disrupting their recent momentum in Week 15. Crossing midfield only three times, the Cowboys managed just one field goal, and their other attempts came when the game was already out of reach.

Prescott’s usually potent passing game struggled, completing 21 of 34 passes for 134 yards and an interception. His quarterback rating of 57.7 was his second-lowest mark of the season.

In the first half alone, Prescott, poised to join the NFL legends, completed just six of 13 passes for a mere 43 yards, showcasing the offensive struggles that plagued the team throughout the game. With the loss, the Cowboys, who have been positioning themselves for a playoff berth, faced an unexpected setback in Buffalo.

When asked about the team’s notable achievement of clinching a playoff berth, Prescott responded with brutal honesty, stating, “I don’t care, to be honest,” per

The quarterback’s straightforward remark reflects the frustration and disappointment following the unexpected defeat, emphasizing the team’s determination to rebound as they head into the crucial later stages of the season.

What’s your opinion on Smith’s lighthearted banter about the Cowboys team and their starter?

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