Stephen A. Smith offers heartfelt support to Anthony Edwards amid leaked abortion text controversy

The Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards recently found himself trapped in a dire situation that has evolved into a controversy. An Instagram model leaked the screenshots of private messages between her and the Wolves star, dividing the public opinion in two.

The popular sports analyst Stephen A. Smith addressed the issue on his show, offered heartfelt support for Anthony Edwards, and criticized the model for leaking the chats, which should have been a private and safe conversation between the two parties involved.

SAS defends Anthony Edwards

Stephen A. Smith defended the Wolves star Anthony Edwards after the messages between him and an Instagram model he was hooking up with got leaked. The contents of the screenshots leaked by the model were a sensitive matter that has divided the public opinion on Edwards into two.

Edwards was seen asking the model to get an abortion and was repeatedly asking for proof. This had the public form two opinions, the one side with Ant and believes that he is entitled to have an opinion on whether he wants to raise a child or not while the other half thinks of him as insensitive and even inhumane.

Smith supported Ant and emphasized that the conversation should have never been publicized and that the model did it to humiliate the Wolves star and control him using public defamation.

Smith said, “I am just wondering when are some of the laws are going to come into a place where these people like Anthony Edwards and others can retaliate legally for people putting their private messages on blast?… She did it to humiliate him and compel him to think the way she wants, so she is using the public to do it by destroying his privacy.”

Edwards spoke on the matter later and said that he would sort it out himself in private, whilst refraining from making any public comments.

Anthony Edwards
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Anthony Edwards’ lighthearted moment gains attention amid recent controversy

Amid this huge controversy surrounding Anthony Edwards, a clip of his light-hearted moment is gaining a lot of attention. In that clip, Ant can be seen lying back in his bed with a calm attitude along with a girl and his pet dog. He started freestyling and cleverly delivered a message through it.

Edwards talked about how no one was gonna come off him except his pet dog because everybody else was the same of the same color as his jacket. He was wearing a bright red jacket and cleverly referenced the women in his life as red flags and said that his pet would be the only one to stay with him till the end.

What do you think of Stephen A. Smith defending Anthony Edwards? What do you think of Ant’s freestyling video? We are eager to hear your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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