Stephen A. Smith wants Dak Prescott’s brother Tad Prescott to ‘shut the hell up’ amid Cowboys struggles

The Dallas Cowboys once again faltered in the 2023 postseason race. The team had a phenomenal winning streak in the regular season, but their playoff journey remained lackluster. Dak Prescott didn’t shy away from sharing the responsibility for the failure. However, the quarterback himself couldn’t escape brutal jabs from fans and analysts.

Tad Prescott, Dak’s older brother, has been vocal about immense backlash directed at the Cowboys QB. Tad has earlier stated his intention to get his brother out of the Cowboys’ thumb. He now aimed another dig at the squad, promoting a strong reaction from Stephen A. Smith.

Tad Prescott hails Eagles management

The Philadelphia Eagles scored big by signing top players like running back Saquon Barkley and pass-rusher Bryce Huff, making them the MVPs of the offseason. Like a quarterback under pressure, Cowboys fans expressed their frustration with the team’s front office professionals

Tad Prescott, brother of Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, also chimed in by publicly commending the Eagles’ management on X. He proclaimed the Eagles as having the top front office, while also playfully poking fun at the Cowboys with the well-known hashtag: #howboutthemcowboys

The difference in free agency approaches between the two NFC East teams is like comparing a Hail Mary pass to a quarterback sneak. As the Eagles went for the touchdown, the Cowboys fumbled the ball. The Cowboys fumbled away running back Tony Pollard to the Tennessee Titans. They also saw defensive players Dorance Armstrong and Tyler Biadasz head to the Washington Commanders.

Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, promised to blitz all efforts to elevate the team to Super Bowl contenders. Just like a quarterback waiting for a receiver to get open, the recent developments have left fans, including Tad Prescott, feeling frustrated and impatient. The organization is under more pressure than ever to get results because the team has had three straight 12–5 seasons and has not made it to the playoffs.

Stephen A. Smith brutally slams Dak and Tad Prescott

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith didn’t hold back when responding to Tad Prescott’s recent social media post. Smith, known for his utmost hate towards the Cowboys, unleashed a tirade on Tad during an episode of First Take. He accused Tad of deflecting blame from Dak for the Cowboys’ struggles and criticized him for implying that Dak was faultless in the team’s woes.

“Tad Prescott, the brother of Dak Prescott, shut the hell up! You shut the hell up! I’m sick of him. And everybody should be sick of him. And I’m going to tell you, Tad Prescott, why everybody should be sick of you. And you should shut the hell up, because you’re implying that your brother had nothing to do with the troubles that the Dallas Cowboys have experienced”, he said via SportsKeeda.

Smith also argued that such comments not only deflect blame but also undermine the reality of Dak’ss impact on the team.

“When you make a comment like that about the Philadelphia Eagles, knowing it’s going to be received publicly over the – throughout the football world – what you’re basically saying is it’s not my brother’s fault. Damn it, your brother has something to do with it. There’s a lot of love for Dak Prescott. And it should be. Your brother Tad is another matter. Shut the hell up. Enough of you.”

Indeed, Dak Prescott’s potential contract negotiations have significant implications for the Cowboys’ offseason plans. He holds a staggering cap hit of $59.4 million in 2024. Any extension for the signal-caller would alleviate financial constraints and enable the team to pursue other key signings.

Besides that, Prescott’s postseason track record has been underwhelming, having won only two playoff games in his career. In contrast, Jalen Hurts and the Eagles achieved multiple postseason victories. This stark contrast in playoff success adds fuel to the debate around Tad Prescott’s comments and sparked some harsh reactions from the NFL community.


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