Stephen Curry defends Draymond Green following heated altercation with referee in Warriors win over Lakers

Draymond Green stunned the NBA world with his latest performance against the Lakers. The GSW forward scored 5 3-pointers in the game and this rare occurrence, like the solar eclipse, should have overshadowed everything else, but it didn’t.

Draymond Green again became a focal point of controversy, but this time he was fortunate enough to avoid an ejection. After the game, Warriors personnel addressed the matter and Green received some much-expected backing from the Dubs talisman, Steph Curry.

Stephen Curry backs Draymond Green’s on-court actions

Draymond Green is usually seen getting into heated altercations with players and game officials. Even after getting a reminder from teammate Klay Thompson about his importance in the squad, the former DPOY winner involved himself in another on-court altercation, however, it was unlike the previous ones.

The Warriors’ leader Steph Curry, who was deeply impacted by Green’s last ejection, extended his support for Dray. Curry was spotted talking to the referee and had allegedly told him not to talk to his teammate in a demeaning manner but the argument was dissolved soon after. In the post-game press conference when Curry was asked whether or not he had helped in diffusing the situation, confirming it the 10-time All-Star said, “He [Draymond Green] doesn’t need a babysitter in that respect … Don’t get it twisted.”

The NBA community was eagerly waiting for the clash between LeBron James’ Lakers and Stephen Curry’s Warriors. The game was nothing short of an action-thriller, with the Dubs getting the upper hand in Anthony Davis’ absence.

During the initial minutes of the third quarter when Lakers’ Austin Reaves jumped to score a basket he accidentally hit Draymond Green, who remained on the floor for some time hoping to get a call from the referee. On getting no call, Dray lost his cool and lashed out at the referee questioning his decision and then the leader entered the scene.

Green’s grudge over the issue rolled into the post-game interview as well where he claimed to be targeted time and again.

Draymond Green sheds light on referee’s biased nature

Draymond Green voiced his opinion about the unfair treatment of referees towards him. Venting out his disappointment, the defensive genius said, “Austin [Reaves] gashed his elbow, hit me in the teeth, and it’s not foul. I get hit in the face every single game, and I get no foul calls. I hit someone in the face, I get thrown under the jail. But when I get hit in the face, they don’t see it.”

Green also mentioned that Curry, who was around, opposed seeing how the game official was treating Green. After facing brutal criticisms for his past actions, the 34-year-old has been much more serious about his duties.

Amidst all the drama, the Warriors established their dominance over the LA franchise finishing the night with a 120-134 win while keeping their post-season hopes high.

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